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I wish you could have been sitting with our team the other day when we gathered to watch a short video.

It’s about a young couple and their unborn child, and the story is told from the perspective of the father.

We’ve titled it “A Letter from Dad.”

Since you couldn’t be there the other day, I hope you’ll take a moment to watch it now:

Do you need a tissue? I’ve seen this video several times, but it never fails to leave me with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.

What makes the story most compelling, of course, is that it’s true. Every single day ordinary people are living out extraordinary lives like this brave couple, motivated and emboldened by their belief and faith in God. Life isn’t easy. But God is always faithful, even when His ways don’t make sense to us.

In the coming months and years you’ll be seeing a series of similar video vignettes produced by the Focus team, all designed to lift up God’s design and plan for the family. In fact, over the course of the next six months, our team will be filming what we’re calling “The Family Project” – a 13-part video curriculum and accompanying feature-length documentary outlining and highlighting both the challenges to family stability in the modern world as well as Scripture’s beautiful blueprint for the institution of the family.

I’ll be sharing more about this in the days to come, but I hope you might consider sharing this powerful video with your family and friends.

And please let us know what you think.

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Nancy DeCoux More than 1 year ago

--When my aunt, my dad's little sister, was born 59 years ago, I am told the doctor said "Oh, no!".  Not much was known about Down's Syndrome back then. We held her Memorial Service last week, full of the celebration of her life.  Estranged family members came together with forgiveness for each other after many years apart.. Hugs, tears, and addresses were exchanged. Plans are to meet again soon. We sometimes wonder, "Why, God?" Why would a lady struggle for 59 years with the ability of a three year old? Many times we never know "Why, God?". My aunt was a blessing,all of her years, then brought her family together. Thank you , Lord, for all of Your blessings!

Bruce Yamamoto More than 1 year ago

--Great video, well done; communicates well the value of life, the preciousness of a father's love for his children

Leanna Williams More than 1 year ago

--Wow! So beautiful and so powerful! I adopted a child with special needs. She has been in my life since she was 2 weeks old...has had several surgeries....and has brought such joy and happiness in my life. God has used her so mightily in my life! God makes beautiful things out of our dust!,,

Guice Bobbie More than 1 year ago

--It's never easy being the parent of a special needs kid... ours is now 25 years old and continues to have a positive impact on his family and everyone else who comes in contact with him. He is so positive and brave - he lives with physical disabilities and pain EVERY SINGLE DAY... but he does so without complaining, and just keeps going. Thanks for this video - looking forward to following the series.

Roberta J Smith More than 1 year ago

--This was incredibly moving, to see a father's heart revealed in such an honest and deeply heartfelt way.  I have a son who is 26 now and I couldn't love him more.  I remember when I was standing in line after a checkup at my obgyn office, and the young woman in front of me inquired about whether or not they would do an amniocentesis test for her to see if her baby was normal.  The nurse responded that this office did not perform such tests.  After she left, I asked the nurse why.  And she explained that when such tests resulted in the presence of a genetic defect, patients would then be likely to request an abortion, which this office would not perform.  I was relieved to say the least.  My son was born perfectly normal and even if he had't been, he would have been welcomed with love into our family just the same.

Susan Brink More than 1 year ago

--Amen. I couldn't have hoped for a more precious way of expressing what I feel or think about having a child with Down Syndrome than what you have shown here. Someone very close to me is facing an unknown situation with a pregancy and this video expresses my feelings so very well. Thank you so much. My son is 20 and I see God's blessing in our lives and others through him. I cannot imagine life without him. What blessings we would have all missed.

Odel Sterling III More than 1 year ago

--I said that I was not going to cry but when I watched this I had too. Finally someone has taken the time to acknowledge the feelings of a dad. I lost my son and nobody ever ask me how I really feel or take the time to allow me to share how I feel. We as father's hurt, cry, and miss our children just like mothers and to some degree even more. I know women feel for there children but a man has a special bond with his son because he is a repeat of him and his name sake, a chance for a dad make right his mistakes in his son. A dad's most greatest and explainable feeling of joy and pride is when he can say MY SON!!!!!!  I Love you mother's but thank you all for sharing with the world that dad's have feelings too. I LOVE ALL FOCUS ON THE FAMILY!!! I would write more but I can't stop crying. Thanks for the Therapy. My son Name is (not was) Jeremiah Sterling.

Jan Gossard More than 1 year ago

--What a beuatiful expression of a father's love for his child - How much Our Heavenly Father must love us for the sacrifices He has made for us - forgive us Father for the pain and sorrow we have caused you after all you have given us.  I pray for mankind to open their heart and mind to one day truly see how blessed we are to have such a loving Father and ask Him into their hearts.  Thank you God for your grace and mercy.

Alan Dreesen More than 1 year ago

--It doesn't seem right to make an old man cry, but this video did.  We have a couple in our church who went through this very situation less than a year ago and I've forwarded it to them.  What an excellent way to say "I care" when the words are hard to come by.

Thank you for being lead by the Lord of Hosts.

Lisa Hubbard More than 1 year ago

--Awesome. This earthly father spoke the words to his child that every child, regardless of his or her age, longs to hear and know.

Liz Mollendor More than 1 year ago

--Beautiful. Every life is precious.

Stephanie Toombs More than 1 year ago

--So pertinent especially from the father's point of view so to encourage other father's in their role.

Leonard Wallace More than 1 year ago

--What an awesome video. I praise God for it's content. My wife and I are having our first baby (will find out in a few weeks it's gender), and I have already started writing to (him/her) in a journal. We have been married for ten + years (the best in our lives). I am 63, and my wife is 38, and we are honored and over joyed that God has entrusted this beautiful little gift to us. The last sonogram our baby turned it's little head and looked at the camera, then it bounced up and down. The doctor said it was because of hiccups, but in my mind I was thinking of how John the Baptist jumped for joy when Our Lord was near by and,...... Ohhhh excuse me ,but my wife just came home with a balloon . It say's "A BABY BOY"..... Now I'm also jumping for joy. Praise God, and Lord bless you all.

Renee Swope More than 1 year ago

--Thank you so much for sharing this. Your team has captured the Father's heart expressed through this tender and loving dad in a breath-taking film. I can't wait to see the rest of the series. When our sons were 11 and 14, our family adopted a 10-month old baby girl from Ethiopia. At 2.5 she was diagnosed with special needs that include from a severe speech disorder called Apraxia, sensory processing disorder, severe anxiety and more. It was so hard at first, but she is truly one of the most amazing gifts the Father has ever given me and and my family. I see and experience His love through her each day!!

Thank you Jim for all you do and for all Focus is doing for families across the globe!

Darren Bama More than 1 year ago

--Indeed, God moves us in wonderfully mysterious ways! As gracefully as He has gifted this family with a short life of their child, He has filled mine with the joy-filled moments that my 3-yr old child with Down Syndrome brings. Praise God!

Chris Kidwell More than 1 year ago

--I'm in.  I want to receive every video in the series.  Thanks to Dr. Dobson, my wife of 40 years and I raised 4 children by the principles of Dr. Dobson's first two books.  I knew NOTHING re parenting or being a husband. But the Lord used Dr. Dobson's writings to guide me.  So I'm in for this series.  Thank you.

Patricia Schneider More than 1 year ago

--A most endearing video. Shows our Heavenly Father's love through us as parents.

A 4-Stars production!

Todd Fitchette More than 1 year ago

--Wow! Reminds me I need to continue writing in the journal I started shortly after my daughter was born. I want to give it to her when she turns 18.

Deb Elwood More than 1 year ago

--Perfectly beautiful video chronicling how fragile is life and how we should be grateful to the Lord for every moment of it.