Reaching the World Online Through Our Digital Engagement Center


 Focus on the Family’s perennial calling to help families thrive recently received a huge boost when we unveiled our “Digital Engagement Center.”

This newly constructed, state-of-the-art social media command center uses cutting-edge technology to help our family-help specialists directly reach families searching online for advice to life’s challenges. In the past, we were only able to help people who came to us for help. And while hundreds of thousands of people do come to us for help every month, we’re also very excited about being able to proactively seeking out people who may not know Focus offers this kind of support.

In the video below you can watch Brian Merritt, who works in our Digital Engagement Center, share his experience helping a woman who was going through a painful time in her marriage as a result of her husband’s infidelity. It’s an encounter that wouldn’t have happened but for the Digital Engagement Center and for Brian’s heart to help those in need.

 Our investment in this emerging technology and command center was fully funded by men and women who caught our vision of engaging the culture online and who gave specifically to this project. They agree with us that Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples” includes the Internet. (I expand on this idea that the digital world is our mission field in a guest post I wrote for Matt Brown’s blog on Think Eternity – you can read it here.)

 Your generosity helps us fund these types of efforts to help families. In everything we do, we’re looking for the most efficient, forward-thinking ways to share God’s timeless truths on marriage, parenting, and worldview. The Christmas season is typically when Focus on the Family receives the lion’s share of our financial contributions, so the support we receive now will be crucial to enabling our 2014 outreach.  Please consider if your family would come alongside through prayer and by securely donating online.

You can watch Brian share his Digital Engagement Center story in the video below.

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