How to Establish Healthy Boundaries with Your Teens

How to Establish Healthy Boundaries with Your Teens

Dr. John Townsend hits a parent’s struggle during the teen years right on the head when he says it’s “because we’re needed the most and wanted the least.”

Our teenagers need us as much as ever in their final years at home before they venture into adulthood, but they don’t exactly want us interfering in their lives.

Remember when your teen was a 10-year-old? They were more likely to say, “Mom and dad, can you help me with this?” Teenagers, on the other hand, say, “I’m a grownup; I don’t need your help.”

The unofficial mantra of teenagers everywhere is “Come close.

Five Ways to Protect Your Marriage

Five Ways to Protect Your Marriage

First, I want to thank all of you who responded to yesterday’s questions concerning the keys to lifelong love in marriage. Your responses were insightful, heartfelt and very helpful.

Today, I want to continue on the marriage theme and paint a picture for you.

A man and a woman settle into their seats for a lunch date. They’re married … only not to each other.

As colleagues, they first noticed each other at work and over time drew closer to one another on mutual projects they shared.

Should Parents Help with School Projects?

Should Parents Help with School Projects?

I remember my son Trent’s first science project when he was in fourth grade. Jean and I agreed that we needed to let him do the project on his own. After all, the whole point was for him to learn, right?

Well, at the end of the semester, we discovered not every parent shared that view.

The school had an open house, so the parents could see the work the kids had done. It was pretty obvious whose mom and dad had been involved in their child’s schoolwork – like the rocket ship that had been built from scratch by an actual astronaut!

How The Church Can Help Children with Special Needs

How The Church Can Help Children with Special Needs

I started my blog a few days ago with this comment: “Every life is precious. Young and old, weak or strong, planned or unplanned.”

It’s true, and I believe every word of it.

But to be perfectly candid, I worry that statements like that get tossed about too easily.

Yes, all life is precious, and we should proclaim that boldly from the rooftops. But the flip side of that boldness is the humility that compels us to roll up our sleeves and come alongside the weak, the elderly, and special needs children and the families who care for them.

Incredible Stories of Life

Newborn baby

Every life is precious. Young and old, weak or strong, planned or unplanned.

Every January here at Focus on the Family, we observe Sanctity of Human Life Month. The idea that God has woven His image into the very fabric of every human life is a fundamental teaching of the Bible and is core to who Focus on the Family is as an organization.

In fact, one of our foundational principles reads: “We believe that human life is created by God in His image.

Have You Ever Heard of “The SLED Test”?

Still of ultrasound image and text from FOTFs "S.L.E.D. Test" video series

The SLED Test is a conversation piece, originally developed by Stephen Schwartz in his book, Moral Question of Abortion, that uncovers a few ways to logically discuss the value of human life.

The acronym SLED stands for size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency. From this thought process, we can share the reality that personhood is not defined by any of these four things.

Now, anyone who has talked with an abortion advocate knows that the dynamics of real conversation many times make it impossible to give a four-step argument like the SLED Test.

What Your Middle Schooler Needs from You

Teens with arms around each other's shoulders

The middle school years are a critical time in a child’s development, but it can be a difficult time for parents.

Middle schoolers are leaving behind elementary school and entering a larger environment with more classes, more students to rub shoulders with, and more responsibility. They’ll also face pressures they’ve never had to deal with before.

Helping your child through these changes is no easy task, but with a little guidance from our guest on a recent program, Dr.

Hope for Teen Moms


Have you seen the popular MTV programs “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant”? I’ve never watched a full episode myself, but I’ve managed to catch a random segment or two to keep a pulse on the culture and the messages being sent to our kids.

If you’re not familiar with these shows, they’re so-called “reality” TV programs that follow the lives of young girls between the ages of 13 and 16 who are pregnant, having babies, and involved in intimate relationships.

Listen: Adventures in Odyssey Christmas Special!

AIO Christmas Drawing

I think both parents and children would agree that one of the best things we’ve ever come up with here at Focus on the Family has been Adventures in Odyssey, the radio drama for children ages 8-12.

When it first began, a lot of people were skeptical the venture could be successful in the age of television, movies, and other visual entertainment. But our Adventures in Odyssey team members are some of the most talented and creative in the business, and this little radio program that could has been capturing the hearts of young and old alike for almost 30 years.