Six Traits to Look for in a Spouse

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What should a woman look for in a husband? What should a man look for in a wife?

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions a person can make and, yet, a lot of men and women are unprepared to answer that basic question.

Physical attraction is probably the most common attribute people consider, and it’s not unimportant. But some people never rise beyond that initial connection point. They’re fueled primarily by emotion and sexual attraction.

Focus Resources Also Available En Español

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Did you know there are 41 million native Spanish speakers living in the United States?

That means you probably know someone whose first language – the tongue they understand at a heart level – is Spanish.

It’s because of those 41 million people (and the other 429 million native Spanish speakers around the world) that we carry Spanish-language versions of many of our key marriage and family resources.

Our latest such offering is the six-session, DVD-based curriculum “Luchando por un mejor matrimonio,” based on the popular and effective book “Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage.”

It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true: there really can be a purpose to fighting in marriage – if you fight well.

Darrell and Stevie Waltrip on God, Faith, and Marriage

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This coming weekend in Richmond, Virginia, upwards of 200,000 NASCAR fans will gather at the Richmond International Raceway for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and millions more will watch on television.

Detailing the event’s “play by play” for FOX Sports will be Darrell Waltrip. I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Darrell and his wife, Stevie, and I’m excited to welcome them to our program as our guests.

Darrell was one of the most successful drivers on the NASCAR circuit in the 1980s.

The Doorway to Happiness in Marriage

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People get married for a lot of reasons.

They want someone to spend time with them. They want to feel appreciated. They want someone to love them. They want someone to serve them … at least occasionally (of course, no one likes to admit this one).

Do you notice what each of those ideas has in common? They’re all about what someone else can do for us.

But what if marriage isn’t primarily about any of those things?

How to Find Common Spiritual Ground with Your Spouse

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You and your spouse could probably easily count any number of ways in which you’re different from one another.

Maybe they talk too much – or not enough. One of you feels hot while the other is shivering cold. Or maybe one can’t leave early because the other is always running late.

Those sorts of dissimilarities are common. But spiritual preferences are a key area where couples often differ.

Many husbands and wives tend to expect more spiritual compatibility from each other than they should.

Three Steps to Healing the Anger in Your Marriage

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Dave and Linda’s story is all too common, one that’s repeated again and again across thousands of marriages.

It works like this: They have a disagreement and erupt into conflict. They think they’re angry with each other about the specific issue they’re fighting about, but they’re not. There’s something much deeper at work.

It’s like the time Dave came home from work thirty minutes late. Linda was furious and gave him an earful the second he stepped inside the front door.

The Family Expert Who Didn’t Know a Thing About Families

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“I’ll never forget the day when I said to God, ‘I’ve done everything I know to do, and it’s not working.’”

You might expect to hear a comment like that from the average husband or wife trying to learn how to build a successful family. But would it surprise you to know that the person who said those words is now one of the most respected family experts in the world and has been married nearly 40 years?

Staying Married When You Feel Like Leaving

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It was while she sat on the beach that Vicki realized her life was crashing down around her.

She watched up and down the coastline as families played together, building sand castles, splashing in the waves, creating memories.

But Vicki sat there alone, sobbing. Her kids were hundreds of miles away with a babysitter. Her husband, Bill, was back in their hotel room, sick, trying to survive withdrawals from his drug addiction.

The weight of her emptiness and loneliness was crushing.

Do You Want to Unlock the Secrets to Lifelong Love?


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re excited here at Focus on the Family because we’re working with congregations worldwide to exalt marriage this Sunday in an event we’re calling the Honoring Marriage Event.

It’s a time for churches to talk about God’s design for marriage – something we’re doing with special emphasis throughout the month of February here at Focus.

In fact, we think marriage is so important to the health and stability of the culture that we have an entire division of our ministry dedicated to helping husbands and wives strengthen their relationships.

Five Ways to Protect Your Marriage


First, I want to thank all of you who responded to yesterday’s questions concerning the keys to lifelong love in marriage. Your responses were insightful, heartfelt and very helpful.

Today, I want to continue on the marriage theme and paint a picture for you.

A man and a woman settle into their seats for a lunch date. They’re married … only not to each other.

As colleagues, they first noticed each other at work and over time drew closer to one another on mutual projects they shared.