Why “Nice” Parenting Isn’t Nice at All

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You may call me crazy for saying this, but hang with me.

I think moms and dads should be mean.

Now, let me clarify right from the start that when I say “mean,” I’m absolutely not saying that parents should be abusive or hurtful in any way.

That said, I think a lot of parents are just too nice. They don’t expect anything from their children or allow them to feel discomfort in any way. There are no chores to do, no bedtimes to worry about, and no difficulties to learn how to overcome.

Do You Agree with This School’s Policy?

Catholic High School for Boys_featured image2

If your teenage son or daughter forgot something they needed for school, would you bring it to them?

Well, if your child attends a Catholic High School for Boys in Little Rock, Arkansas, you can forget it.

When the school’s administrators posted a picture of a sign that’s taped to a door in their building, they probably didn’t expect it to go viral – but it did.

Here it is:

It reads, “If you are dropping off your son’s forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, etc., please TURN AROUND and exit the building.

Trusting God in a Difficult Pregnancy

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“We’re not gonna have a baby, we’re gonna have a funeral instead.”

There are few events in life that bring more excitement to a couple than the anticipation of a new baby. The height of that joy is rivaled only by the depth of heartache that comes with a troubled pregnancy.

Josh and Laura had three children under five and were pregnant with their fourth. Each of the first three pregnancies had progressed without complication.

But the fourth…

Call it a mother’s intuition – that mysterious and beautiful bond between a mother and her baby that not only connects them physically, but at a heart level.

Helping Your Teen Daughter Develop a Positive Body Image

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Do you know the difference between raising a “body-conscious” daughter and a “body-confident” daughter?

Recently, I had the privilege of talking with author and speaker Dannah Gresh on how mothers can help their daughters develop a positive body image.

Most moms of teenage girls know what it’s like to watch their daughter break down into tears in the middle of a department store because none of the jeans fit right. Dannah explains that at the core of every girl’s battle with body image are these questions: “Am I beautiful?” “Am I worthy?” “Am I noticeable?”

The trouble is, it’s easy to focus on outward modesty – the length of shorts, the depth of a neckline, and the thickness of eyeliner.

Rick and Lynn Raisman are All of Us

Alys parents_featured image

If you’re a fan of women’s gymnastics, chances are you’re familiar with Rick and Lynn Raisman, parents of U.S. gymnast and gold medal winner Aly Raisman.

The Raismans have achieved “viral” status thanks to their all-too-obvious nervousness when Aly performs. They squirm and grimace their way through their daughter’s leaps, somersaults, and dismounts – Aly’s mom sometimes even watches her routines through her hands!

If you haven’t watched the Raismans’ reactions, take a look:

As entertaining as it is to watch, if you’re a parent, you have to admit: the Raismans are simply emoting what all of us feel on the inside as our children grow up and journey towards independence.

Are You Equipped to Address Gender-Confusing Messages in Your Child’s School?

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Summer just flew by, didn’t it?

Across the country, kids in many school districts have already started the new school year, and plenty of other families are about to start.

I don’t know about your family, but in the Daly home, the back-to-school season is characterized by excitement … and a little bit of anxiety. And I’m not just talking about the boys. Jean and I always feel it, too – what new challenges will our sons experience this year?

The Danger of Over-Protecting Boys

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Moms, the Lord is depending on your boys to be wolves.

In the first six weeks of a baby cub’s life, a wolf never leaves the den or his mother. She nurtures him and teaches him to take care of himself.

At six weeks of age, the cub leaves the den for the first time. Waiting for him outside is his dad who, day after day, takes the young wolf farther and farther away from the den.

What Good Dads Can Learn From “Bad Moms” (Guest Post)

Bad Moms_featured image

The movie “Bad Moms” opened this past weekend in the number two slot, taking in $23.8 million.  And despite the bad language and wild antics, the film delivers a lesson… to dads. I’ll leave you with Plugged In’s Paul Asay to share what he learned when he watched “Bad Moms” — so you won’t have to.

And I’d love to hear from you — what summer movie (in the theaters or on Netflix) can you recommend?

How to Discover Your Child’s Unique Gifts

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Man, summer just blows by, doesn’t it? Can you believe another school year is right around the corner? My boys, Trent and Troy, start in just a couple of weeks, and they’re not too excited for summer to end. I’m not sure I’m ready, either.

Your family is probably like ours in that it’s not just the kids who have to start gearing up for the rigors of study and homework. We parents have to get ourselves psyched up for the year ahead, too.

Want to Raise Selfless Kids? Here’s How

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The only things certain in life are death and taxes.

Oh … and the fact that children are born selfish.

Straight from the womb, kids have no boundaries. They don’t care if their mom and dad are hungry, overworked, or haven’t slept in days. They’ll scream for food when they’re hungry and for a new diaper when the old one has, let’s say, fulfilled its purpose.

Fortunately, there’s nothing in that behavior for parents to worry about because that’s the means God has given infants to have their needs met and to survive.