Two Ways to Instill Virtue in Your Children

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When you think about it, instilling virtue in our children can be pretty serious business. After all, the adult world is a competitive place, and we want our kids to be prepared. And that leads some parents to bury their children under some pretty harsh standards.

At report card time, a parent wanting their child to learn responsibility may question why their nearly straight A student didn’t get that one grade just a little higher. Or maybe they snap at their teenager if he or she shows the slightest sign of irresponsibility.

How to Talk with Your Kids about Paris & the Threat of Terrorism

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By now you’ve likely heard that earlier today, French police raided the home of additional terror suspects, killing two. Two Air France jets were diverted yesterday on account of bomb threats. A German soccer game was cancelled last evening following “concrete” evidence of a bomb plot.

The ISIS terrorists responsible for the Paris massacre have pledged to attack other cities, including some in the United States. The FBI and counterterrorism officials are on high alert and expressing deep concerns.

Do You Believe in these Christian “Superstitions”?

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Today is Friday the 13th, a day some associate with bad luck. Just saying the phrase brings to mind other (imagined) connections with misfortune, like black cats, broken mirrors and an open umbrella indoors.

While as Christians we should steer clear of these “silly myths,” (1 Tim 4:7) the reality is we have a few “superstitions” we believe, too. Ours might not be rooted in magic or chance, but in a misunderstanding of what Scripture truly teaches.

Four Ways Parents Can Protect Their Kids from Sexting

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It’s the type of story that makes parents shudder:

Students exchanging nude photos on their phones.

Members of the Cañon City High School football team here in Colorado allegedly exchanged and collected hundreds of nude photographs of more than 100 students. Some of the students photographed were in middle school. And it seems all of this was part of a competition where points were assigned per picture.

As a colleague remarked, if this type of scandal is occurring in a small town like Cañon City, you know it’s happening all over America.

Is God Calling You to Adopt?

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November is National Adoption Month.

Have you considered the role God might have for you to positively impact the lives of orphans?

If you answered no, you’re not alone. A lot of couples wrestle with whether or not they should adopt, or if there’s some other part they should play.

That was how Mike and Kristin Berry’s story began.

Kristin just assumed she and Mike would adopt children when they married. Adoption had been a legacy for Kristin’s family for decades.

Answering the Tough Questions Your Kids Ask

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Kids sure come up with a lot of fun questions – like the little boy who asked his mom, “Was everything in black and white in the olden days?” Or the little girl who really wanted to know where the light goes when you turn off the switch.

But sometimes the questions children ask are tough and quite serious, like “Why does God allow bad things to happen?”, “Why do people get sick and die?”, or “Why are there things like war?”

Those kinds of inquiries aren’t easy to answer, and they usually come out of left field when parents least expect them.

Why Are Schools Cancelling Recess?

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Some elementary schools across the nation are banning recess.


So kids can have more formal instruction time in class.

Limiting recess is just one example of what’s being done in the interest of giving teachers more time to teach. For example, we’re seeing children being introduced to formal academics earlier and earlier.

One teacher described it like this: “Kindergarten is now first grade, and first grade is now second grade.”

Kids are also coming home with more homework than in years past.

How to Talk with Young Children about Death

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NOTE: In case you haven’t seen advertisements, I wanted to alert you to an emotional and inspirational new film that opens nationwide on Friday. “Woodlawn” is the true story of the miraculous transformation of a high school football community in Birmingham, Alabama. Based in the early 1970s, the story follows the conversion of a newly integrated squad of young men. Once riddled by racism, discontent and widespread dysfunction, their bold pronouncement of faith in Jesus helped turn the entire tide.

What Your Middle Schooler Needs from You

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The middle school years are a critical time in a child’s development, but it can be a difficult time for parents.

Middle schoolers are leaving behind elementary school and entering a larger environment with more classes, more students to rub shoulders with, and more responsibility. They’ll also face pressures they’ve never had to deal with before.

Helping your child through these changes is no easy task, but with a little guidance from our guest on today’s and tomorrow’s programs, Dr.

Dr. John Trent’s Secret to Raising Great Kids

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