April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month – Here’s What You Can Do

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Child abuse is a very real problem here in the United States.

When we talk about abuse, most states recognize (and report) four major types: neglect, physical abuse, psychological maltreatment, and sexual abuse. Sometimes a child suffers from only one type of abuse, other times a child suffers from a combination of maltreatment.

In 2014 alone, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reported an estimated 702,000 children were victims of maltreatment.  Of these, roughly 75 percent of victims suffered neglect; 17 percent were physically abused; and 8.3 percent were sexually abused.

Why Moms Need Friendships

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A couple of weeks ago, I started my blog by saying, “Motherhood feels like the loneliest job on the planet for many women – especially for young moms who live far away from close family. They go through their days as a one-woman army, balancing work, children, and a never-ending list of responsibilities around the home.”

Moms need friendship, but many struggle to find it. Judging by a lot of moms I know, I’d guess one reason is that they struggle to find the personal time and space that would allow them to build relationships.

Freeing Teen Girls from Their Secrets

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There’s a saying that “you’re only as sick as your secrets.”

Some secrets are fun and are part of a healthy life – like staying quiet about a surprise party or that special gift you bought for a friend. Other secrets are like a virus. They attach to the deepest, most vulnerable parts of who we are, and they eat away at us, bringing nothing but unhappiness.

That dark reality is a struggle many teen girls face every day.

A Lost Bear at Chick-fil-A?

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My wife and I recently had one of “those” parenting experiences.

You know the type. It’s a bit exasperating while you’re living it, but later makes you chuckle when you retell the story?

It all started a few months ago, when Jean and I welcomed two children from Colorado’s foster care system into our home. They’re a sister-brother pair, “Chloe” and “Sam.” She’s 4, he’s 3, and they both are great kids. They’re adjusting well to life at the Daly home, and our sons enjoy being big brothers.

Dr. Karyn Purvis, a Champion for “Children from Hard Places,” Dies at 66

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Focus on the Family and many parents from around the world lost a dear friend to cancer yesterday.

Dr. Karyn Purvis, one of the most respected child advocates in the nation, developed effective research-based ways to help children with histories of trauma, abuse and neglect. She co-authored “The Connected Child: Bringing Hope and Healing to your Adoptive Family,” a best-selling book on adoption that’s one of the first resources our orphan care team recommends to families considering adoption.

A Mom’s Role in Preparing Her Sons for Manhood

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Fathers and mothers both play a vital role in raising boys. Vicki Courtney and her husband can both attest to that. They worked hard together to steer their sons toward godly manhood.

But in every home, Mom and Dad each bring unique characteristics and qualities into their parenting. Although dads should serve as the primary role model in their sons’ lives, our broadcast yesterday zeroed in on the vitally important and irreplaceable role that moms play in their sons’ lives.

How to Teach Kids to Be Respectful

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Teaching kids to be respectful isn’t always easy. Just when you think they’ve learned how they should behave in certain settings, they throw it all right out the window.

I’ll never forget the time my older son, Trent, did that. He was just a little guy at the time, maybe 4 or 5. I was out of town when my wife, Jean, called me almost in tears over Trent’s behavior. He had thrown a world class fit in the grocery line over a candy bar and refused to calm down.

Three Ways to Teach Your Kids About God’s Grace and Good Behavior

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A few weeks ago, I dedicated my blog to the subject of parenting with grace. It was based on a great conversation we had earlier this month with our broadcast guest Jeannie Cunnion, who explained the reasons why parents can’t offer their children grace if they haven’t experienced it themselves.

It was such helpful information, we recorded another program with Jeannie. This time she’ll help us rethink discipline strategies that strip our parenting of grace, rather than enhance it.

How to Talk with Your Kids about the Threat of Terrorism

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We woke up this morning to horrible news out of Brussels.

Another terrorist attack.

Reports say there were shouts in Arabic before a suicide bomber killed at least 14 people at the Brussels airport. A second blast took 20 more lives during rush hour at a metro train in the capital.

And so once again, a scant four months after the terrorist attacks in Paris, we’re seeing how hatred wreaks destruction and death – and it’s all playing out on our TV and computer screens.

Timeless Wisdom from Gary Smalley

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As I told you recently in my blog, I was deeply saddened by the passing of my friend Dr. Gary Smalley almost two weeks ago.

Hundreds of you responded on my blogsite and through Focus’ various social media outlets with your condolences, fond memories, and thoughtful recollections about the countless ways Dr. Smalley positively influenced your marriages and your families.

The Smalley family and close friends are honoring Gary in a memorial service tomorrow in Branson, MO, at the College of the Ozarks chapel at 3PM CST.