Involved Fathers Are Superheroes

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In celebration of Father’s Day this weekend, let’s look at one sometimes-overlooked characteristic of a good dad …

He is, quite simply, a hero.

Forget Superman, Batman or Captain America. When you’re in trouble, you need Dad to save the day.

Dad will save kids from the brink of danger:

He’ll risk his life to save his child.

And sometimes, Dad will even give his life to save his child.

The benefits involved fathers provide to their children are countless.

How to Talk with Your Kids about Bruce Jenner

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Guest post by: Jeff Johnston

They are questions many parents probably aren’t fully prepared to answer:

“What does transgender mean?” or “Why is that man dressed like a woman?”

Yet transgender issues are becoming more mainstream, as evidenced by the recent “coming out” of Bruce Jenner as “Caitlyn” on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Not only that, but many children are encountering transgender topics in their schools. More and more we are seeing a growing acceptance and encouragement of “transgendered children” as young as 5 in schools.

Are You Concerned Your Children Might Drift from the Lord?

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Some of you had trouble getting to sleep last night, and I think I know the reason why. You just couldn’t get your kids off of your mind.

Maybe you have a daughter who is questioning her Christian faith. Or you have a son who has turned his back on the Lord and walked away. Or maybe you have younger kids, and you’re disheartened by the world you’re having to raise them in.

There are plenty of justifiable reasons to be concerned about your children and their future and, specifically, their spiritual well-being.

Did You Hear What Happened Inside a Waffle House?

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At only 5 years old, Josiah Duncan is teaching the country what it means to show love and compassion.

It all started when the Alabama boy and his mom, Ava Faulk, encountered a man outside a local Waffle House, news outlets report. Josiah didn’t understand why the man wasn’t clean. It turns out little Josiah had never heard of homelessness.

He had a lot of questions – but most of all, he was troubled that the man looked hungry.

How a Young Woman Talked About Jesus in a Public School

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I want to share some encouraging reports from this year’s Day of Dialogue free speech event.

When I originally blogged about the April 16th event giving Christian students a chance to share a hope-filled perspective on issues like marriage, sexuality and gender-identity issues, I told you we were expecting 18,000 young men and women would participate.

In reality, an estimated 25,000 students took the initiative to lead Day of Dialogue events in schools across the nation.

You’re Not “Just” a Mom

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Here at Focus we hear from women who have an identity problem. When someone asks what they do, they say, “Oh, I’m just a mom.”

Moms often have a way of seeing their own shortcomings and minimizing the role they play in their kids’ lives. I don’t believe those perceptions are accurate, but I can certainly understand the factors that drive them.

A lot of young women don’t feel capable of being good mothers. Some had poor role models growing up, and now they fear they’ll repeat the same patterns in their parenting role.

Kid President Is Pretty Awesome. So Is His Mom.

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Have you heard of Kid President?

If you haven’t, I want to introduce you to him. His real name is Robby Novak, and he’s 11 years old. He stars in a series of inspirational and lighthearted YouTube videos, which have collectively been viewed tens of millions of times. I want to share one, “An Open Letter to Moms,” with you today in honor of Mother’s Day.

Robby has good reason to praise moms. His own mother, Laurie Novak, is a pretty incredible lady.

Three Ways to Help Your Kids Avoid Foolish Social Media Mistakes

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One foolish mistake on social media can haunt a person for years. All it takes is one insensitive tweet, a misinterpreted picture on Facebook, or an unguarded moment captured on Snapchat.

Think I’m exaggerating?

A recent article in The New York Times profiled people whose lives have been derailed because of something they posted to social media.

There’s the example of 30-year-old public relations consultant Justine Sacco, who sent out a racially insensitive tweet to her 170 followers before boarding a flight to South Africa.

The Mother from Baltimore

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By now you’ve likely seen the video of Toya Graham, the Baltimore mother who forcibly removed her teenage son from the Maryland rioting.

Ms. Graham is being applauded far and wide on social media – and even by the city’s police commissioner.

To be sure, it’s a gritty video. And while many of us may not necessarily advocate her choice of technique or language, there’s no question some tough love was certainly warranted.

In an interview following the incident, Ms.

5 Ways to Parent More Effectively

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Is your parenting style different from your spouse’s?

That’s the case in the Daly household.  Generally speaking, I’m laid-back and spontaneous. When things get tense, I tend to diffuse the situation with humor. I enjoy using car rides with my boys to have spontaneous devotions.

My wife, Jean, on the other hand, likes consistency, planning ahead and routines. She appreciates the benefits of a regular, dedicated time of family devotions.

Jean and I know first-hand it can be hard work to merge two distinct parenting styles.