What Your Son Needs More Than Love


Mom, God has wired you to love your son. Your soft, nurturing spirit is critical to his development. But as he grows into a young man, love will no longer be his primary emotional need from you.

Let my own high school football days open a window into your boy’s heart. I’ve had more than one coach grab me by the facemask and challenge my performance. Sometimes the whole locker room got it at once. “You guys are great athletes,” the coach would shout.

This is a Parent’s Primary Task


Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, once asked his fans to describe their job in a single sentence. Here are some of the responses he got:

“Look out the window all day” – Pilot.

“Get paid for answers companies already know to questions they never asked” – Consultant.

And my personal favorite: “Read things that don’t matter then write papers saying they do in order to get a job doing something totally unrelated” – Student.

Helping Your Child Deal with Bullies


Daniel was 13 years old when he wrote that he had a “great life.” Just a few weeks later, he was dead.

According to his letter, Daniel’s “great life” spiraled out of control right after he started junior high. Five classmates had bullied him incessantly. And when Daniel tried to defend himself, fights broke out.

Daniel wrote that he had “begged and pleaded” with his teachers and the school’s principal to intervene, but they “didn’t do ANYTHING!”

The school denied any wrongdoing, but the bullying didn’t stop until … sadly … Daniel ended his own life.

Focus and Goya Foods Team Up to Help Parents in Raising Highly Capable Kids


Yesterday I shared with you how schools, community groups and churches can work together to help parents increase their children’s likelihood of success in life through the evidence-based, bilingual program Raising Highly Capable Kids.

Developed to build stronger families by empowering parents, Raising Highly Capable Kids helps parents understand what foundational building blocks their children need to exhibit the positive behaviors – and avoid the negative behaviors – that will ultimately help them do well in life.

How to Empower Parents in At-Risk Communities


Parenting isn’t easy. Moms and dads – the people who wield the most influence over a child’s life – can sometimes feel like they’re flying blind.

And if that’s true for parents who are doing their job in the best of circumstances, can you imagine the challenges families living in at-risk communities face? Not only do they have to deal with the typical homework struggles and behavioral issues, these parents must do it while navigating poverty, neighborhood gang activity and other hardships.

Practical Advice for Parenting Strong-Willed Children

Two male toddlers sticking out their tongues

You have to be a creative parent when your child is strong-willed. A headstrong child rarely backs down from even the smallest challenge when it’s a question of who’s in control.

One of our boys is strong-willed, and Jean and I have joked about how we’re raising a lawyer-in-training. He can find a loophole in anything.

Jean once held a women’s tea and set out chocolates in the living room. She later discovered half the bowl was gone.

The Empty Nest Marriage: What Will You Do When the Kids Leave?

Middle-aged couple

The empty nest years can sneak up on a marriage.

I shared my thoughts about this in a post a few weeks ago:

“Well-meaning moms and dads spend so many years completely devoted to the task of raising their children that they often forget to be husband and wife. It’s a situation that may be manageable while the kids are still at home and there’s enough work to ‘float’ the relationship along – but it can become unbearable after the kids move out.

How to Leave a Godly Legacy for Your Children

A loving family reading the Bible outside

Parents, every day you’re passing on a legacy to your children.

What are you leaving them?

Jean and I have two teenage boys at home, and we think a lot about how we can instill them with the biblical values we know will carry them through their lives.

There are countless ways moms and dads can pass their faith on to their children, a lot of them based on the family’s schedule and each member’s unique personality.

One Practical Way Parents Can Encourage their Kids to be Bold in their Faith


Last Friday on my blog I shared a troubling trend with you: schools banning Bible verses. Despite students having a clear Constitutional right to include Bible verses in their personal work projects, or with their friends outside of classroom time, some children are finding themselves silenced when it comes to their faith.

However, I also shared a way for students to celebrate their First Amendment rights: the Focus on the Family-sponsored and student-led “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” which will be held on Oct.

Should A Parent Attend A Child’s Every Game?


I love sports.

Athletics were always a part of my family growing up. My brothers and I built a solid foundation for life through sports. It’s where qualities like responsibility, discipline, and perseverance were expected of us. Those are skills we’ve honed through the years and carried into adulthood.


As much as I believe in encouraging kids to be active in sports, I think it’s a good idea for families to set reasonable boundaries around their schedule and involvement level.