Do You Believe in these Christian “Superstitions”?

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Today is Friday the 13th, a day some associate with bad luck. Just saying the phrase brings to mind other (imagined) connections with misfortune, like black cats, broken mirrors and an open umbrella indoors.

While as Christians we should steer clear of these “silly myths,” (1 Tim 4:7) the reality is we have a few “superstitions” we believe, too. Ours might not be rooted in magic or chance, but in a misunderstanding of what Scripture truly teaches.

Four Ways Parents Can Protect Their Kids from Sexting

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It’s the type of story that makes parents shudder:

Students exchanging nude photos on their phones.

Members of the Cañon City High School football team here in Colorado allegedly exchanged and collected hundreds of nude photographs of more than 100 students. Some of the students photographed were in middle school. And it seems all of this was part of a competition where points were assigned per picture.

As a colleague remarked, if this type of scandal is occurring in a small town like Cañon City, you know it’s happening all over America.

How to Escape the Comparison Trap

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Theodore Roosevelt, always quick with a succinct and witty quip, said it well.

“Comparison,” he once observed, “is the thief of joy.”

And so it is.

Kay Wyma, our broadcast guest today, shares this illustration for how easily – and early – comparing ourselves to others begins.

She took her kids and a few of their friends to a day of fun at a local water park. On the very first ride, a young boy in their group was told he wasn’t tall enough to join everyone else.

Halloween and The Reformation: Thoughts for Today

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Many Americans, especially children, eagerly await the arrival of Halloween this Saturday. I understand and respect that some of my readers choose not to participate in the tradition of the day. If that is you, I appreciate your convictions. However, I think equally devoted Christians can respond differently. My wife and I have opted to allow our sons to trick-or-treat over the years.

We do, though, impose one important caveat: We’ve chosen to stay away from any of the gore and horror of the holiday.

Why Are Schools Cancelling Recess?

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Some elementary schools across the nation are banning recess.


So kids can have more formal instruction time in class.

Limiting recess is just one example of what’s being done in the interest of giving teachers more time to teach. For example, we’re seeing children being introduced to formal academics earlier and earlier.

One teacher described it like this: “Kindergarten is now first grade, and first grade is now second grade.”

Kids are also coming home with more homework than in years past.

Did You Know This About the Christian Singer Plumb?

Christian Music Artist, Plumb


Have you ever had a shirt with a loose thread? It seems like such a small thing, doesn’t it? But all it takes is one quick tug for you to realize that thread is part of a much larger problem. The next thing you know, your clothing is unraveling right before your eyes.

A marriage can have loose threads, too. A husband and wife don’t see eye-to-eye, or they’re not communicating very well, or little resentments start to crop up here and there.

WATCH: Exclusive Debut of Newsboys Video Kicks Off “Bring Your Bible to School Day”

Still from Newsboys' music video for "Guilty" promoting Bring Your Bible to School Day

Last year’s inaugural “Bring Your Bible to School Day” was huge, and this year’s event on Oct. 8 promises to be even bigger.

Just like last year, all 50 states will be represented. But where last year we had about 8,000 students participating, we’re expecting that number to be exponentially higher for the 2015 event.

Think about what God can do through multiple thousands of students, from kindergarten to college, bringing their Bibles to school as a visual way to celebrate religious freedom and share God’s hope with friends!

Baseball, Yogi and You

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Note: In light of Yogi Berra’s passing last night at the age of 90, I wanted to dust off a piece I wrote about him three years ago. Many will remember Mr. Berra’s Hall of Fame playing career and funny way with words. He was a character, that’s for sure! But I’m most impressed with the love and devotion he exhibited to his wife of 65 years, Carmen, who passed away in 2012. May the Lord bring comfort and peace to the Berra’s three sons and extended family.

Good News on the Marriage Front

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New research suggests the millennial generation is finally ready to settle down, get married and start a family – in that order.

That’s good news after years of disheartening trends. Ever since the sexual revolution, most of what we’ve heard about marriage has been bleak. Marriage scholar Brad Wilcox explains: “Since the 1960s, the rate of new marriages has fallen by more than 50 percent, and rates of divorce and single parenthood has more than doubled.”

Until recently, things haven’t shown signs of improving.

Kathie Lee Gifford Shares the Gospel on the Today Show

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Kathie Lee Gifford returned to her role as co-host of the Today Show yesterday after the Aug. 9 death of her husband, the NFL Hall of Famer and broadcaster, Frank Gifford. On her first day back, she shared a bit about “the private Frank,” including stories of his impoverished upbringing during the Great Depression and his lifelong faith.

In doing so, Kathie Lee shared the Gospel.

Mrs. Gifford took an opportunity to remember her husband and used it to interweave the essentials of Christianity.