Two Women, Two Views on Dying with Dignity

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Two weeks ago, Brittany Maynard’s op-ed, “My right to die with dignity at 29,” ran on In it, she shared about her diagnosis of brain cancer just a year into her marriage. Doctors told her she had only six months to live.

I can’t imagine receiving such a diagnosis at age 29. My heart breaks for this young woman and her family.

After talking with doctors and her family, she declined palliative care.

Update on the Supreme Court Rulings

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By now, you’ve probably heard about the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on June 30th, which upheld the protection of religious liberties. At issue was one facet of the Affordable Care Act which would have forced many business owners to violate their religious principles by requiring them to fund possible abortion-causing drugs in their company health plans.

As the dust settles from this case, moms and dads all over the country who are busy at work and at home are wondering, “What difference does all this make to me?

Counting the Heavy Cost of American Independence

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The following is excerpted from a previous July 4th reflection:

When it comes to America’s sovereignty, freedom has never been free. Dating back to the Revolutionary War right up until our ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, over 1.3 million Americans have died in combat. It’s important to remember that each of these deaths is not an isolated incident; no man is an island. When a soldier falls, life within a family unit is irrevocably and permanently changed.

Guest Post: How Does the Hobby Lobby Decision Affect Wedding Vendors?

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The Supreme Court’s June 30 decision, which protects Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties from having to pay for possible abortion-causing drugs in company health plans, was a necessary win for religious freedom. The Court’s opinion, written by Justice Alito, relies on the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA) to reach its conclusion that religious freedom trumps the government interest in this instance.

Many Christians are already asking: “Well, if religious freedom can trump a government law, then could wedding vendors refuse to participate in same-sex weddings on religious grounds?”

In several cases over the past few years involving Christian photographers, bakers, and florists, state courts and civil rights commissions have said “no.”

Does Hobby Lobby change things?

BREAKING: Supreme Court Upholds Religious Freedom

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This is a great day for religious freedom.

The Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties cases is a much-anticipated and wonderful affirmation as the court process proceeds. It shows that religious freedom continues to be the lifeblood of a country founded on the inalienable rights afforded to us by our Creator.

We rejoice with the Green and Hahn families who are now free to continue serving the public, their loyal employees, and their God without having to compromise their faith.

Guest Post: What You Need to Know About Religious Liberties Cases Before SCOTUS


Two cases currently before the U.S. Supreme Court are of special interest to many people of faith because they deal with the issue of religious liberties. I’ve previously asked you to pray for these cases because of their far-reaching implications and because the families behind the companies are committed Christians who need our support.

Cases like these tend to be complicated, drawn-out and tough to follow, which is why I’m glad to have Focus’ judicial analyst, Bruce Hausknecht, guest blog. 

Post-Abortive Woman Calls Focus Broadcast “Voice of Hope” (VIDEO)

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For those of us whose pro-life convictions stem from our Christian faith, the New Jersey Star-Ledger’s recent headline was disconcerting: “Why I perform abortions: A Christian obstetrician explains his choice.”

Willie J. Parker, who performs abortions up to the 24th week of pregnancy, explains his decision this way:

In listening to a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King, I came to a deeper understanding of my spirituality, which places a higher value on compassion.

Human Cloning Advancements Pose Serious Questions for Life Advocates

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I consider myself blessed to live at a time where we benefit from so many advances in medical science. In terms of physical health, we’re all much better off today than we were or would have been just a few decades ago.

But what happens when the latest and greatest in medical science comes at the expense of another human life? How would you feel knowing that a human life was created only to be destroyed for your benefit?

We Need to Love Post-Abortive Women


The video Emily Letts recently made of her abortion was understandably met with shock, horror, sadness and disbelief. In it, the 25-year-old abortion counselor shares her story of facing an unexpected pregnancy, and includes footage of her undergoing the procedure during her first trimester.

It is a sobering and painful video to watch.

How should those of us who value human life respond?

Every abortion involves three people

The reality is abortion profoundly impacts at least three individuals: the child whose life is being terminated, the birthfather and the woman who must live with the reality of this decision.

Abortion: Empowerment or a Consolation Prize?


Since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion in all 50 states in 1973, about 51 million babies have been lost to abortion. It’s a staggering number that also represents millions of women who chose to end their pregnancies.

We would do well to give serious consideration to those factors that contribute to a mother’s decision to choose abortion for her child.

Proponents of abortion argue the bottom line boils down to a right, a choice – what’s “best” for her and her family.