Election 2016 and the Consequences of a Depraved Culture


By the end of Sunday night’s presidential debate, I was struck, like most people, by the sad and sordid spectacle of what has become one of the most acrimonious and distasteful campaigns in contemporary American politics.

On one side of the hall stood the Republican nominee attempting to dismiss his recorded claims of sexual assault on a woman as mere “locker room talk.”

In reality, the actions described in those tapes from 2005 were not just lewd and crude banter.

Can Abortion Be Immoral and Legal?


“I think abortion is immoral. But I’m glad it’s legal.”

Ever heard someone say that? Not only do I disagree with the sentiment, it’s inherently illogical. Most people who say it don’t realize that.

Then again, a lot of us in the pro-life camp may not realize it, either. We often don’t know how to respond to arguments that portray abortion as a practical and rational choice for society.

My answer to that kind of reasoning is to point to two fundamental questions that have driven the debate about abortion, euthanasia, and other crucial pro-life issues for decades:


The Epidemic Plaguing the Elderly


It’s a problem so big that some experts are calling it a public health concern. It impacts both a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

And while it can affect most anyone, this condition especially targets the elderly.

The problem I’m talking about?


Complicating the issue of loneliness is that there’s a stigma around it. Some people might think loneliness is due to a “social weakness, or an inability to stand on one’s own,” according to a recent New York Times article on the topic.

How to Help Victims of the Louisiana Flooding

Baton Rouge flooding_featured image

The catastrophic flooding in Louisiana is the worst U.S. disaster since Hurricane Sandy, says the Red Cross. At least 13 people are dead and 40,000 homes are damaged, according to reports. Some 86,000 people have already applied for federal disaster aid across the disaster area, which spans across more than 20 parishes.

To make matters worse, the forecast calls for scattered storms, and Louisiana’s flat topography will make for a very slow recovery.

Author, blogger and Louisiana resident Sara Horn, who was recently a guest on our broadcast, described the destruction:

The water came fast and no one was prepared for what was happening…

This was rain.

Trusting God in a Difficult Pregnancy

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“We’re not gonna have a baby, we’re gonna have a funeral instead.”

There are few events in life that bring more excitement to a couple than the anticipation of a new baby. The height of that joy is rivaled only by the depth of heartache that comes with a troubled pregnancy.

Josh and Laura had three children under five and were pregnant with their fourth. Each of the first three pregnancies had progressed without complication.

But the fourth…

Call it a mother’s intuition – that mysterious and beautiful bond between a mother and her baby that not only connects them physically, but at a heart level.

What Does Jesus Believe About Race?

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared my concern that America seems to be sinking to a new low in race relations. The media has highlighted in graphic detail just how fractured our culture has become.

Even in times when our country has been at its most unified, racial division has remained an unresolved schism bubbling just below the surface. In the wake of severe racial strife over the past couple of years, the “Black Lives Matter” movement emerged, only to be quickly countered by “Blue Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” groups.

Sin is at the Center of the Dallas Police Murders

Dallas featured picture

The people of Dallas are in mourning today and with them, all of America as well.

That a rally purported to serve as a peaceful protest to police-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota (read my statement on the deaths on Facebook) turned violent is a stark reminder that sin and evil rage across every corner of every community of the country.

Here’s what we know:

During a “Black Lives Matter” rally last evening in downtown Dallas, 12 law enforcement officers and two civilians were shot.

Focus Responds to SCOTUS’ Abortion-Related Hellerstedt Decision

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Friends: This is the statement we sent out to the media today. Please continue to pray for our country. -JD


Focus on the Family Responds to SCOTUS’ Hellerstedt Decision
“The Supreme Court rejected… commonsense regulations prompted by ghastly history of Kermit Gosnell’s abortion activities. Making all surgery as safe as possible for women is common sense and pro-woman.”

Colorado Springs, Colo. – Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst for Focus on the Family, released the following statement today in response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Whole Woman’s Health v.

Ben Sasse, Jill Stanek Co-Author Important Piece on Born Alive Bill

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I’m on the road today, but wanted to take a minute and share an important piece in National Review by Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse and pro-life activist Jill Stanek.

Abortion Survivors Deserve Our Care” went live on National Review’s website yesterday and it’s already a top trending news story on Facebook – and I’m glad it is.

The piece highlights the horrors faced by babies who survive abortion attempts. In short: they are left to die alone, without medical care. 

What You Think About the Gorilla Controversy Reveals Your Worldview

Gorilla screenshot_featured image

It started out as a day filled with eager anticipation for a 3-year-old boy going to the zoo with his mom and siblings. We can imagine the happiness of the Saturday morning scene.

But the carefree adventure quickly took an ominous turn once the family made it into the park.

By now, you’ve heard what happened. Trying to get a better look at the endangered gorillas, the youngster somehow fell 15 feet into the enclosure’s water-filled moat.