Will President Trump Deliver on His Pro-Life Promises?

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We’re two days away from the presidential inauguration, and Washington, D.C. is gearing up for the big event.

Tim Goeglein, who represents Focus on the Family in Washington and who works from an office located in the heart of our nation’s capitol, reports that the city appears ringed in an iron-clad circle of security.

It’s been interesting to read and watch the media coverage on the transition. I’m sure you’ve caught a sense of sensationalism in the reporting, stemming back from November.

How to Answer End-of-Life Questions with God’s Truth and Compassion

A daisy that is half dead and half alive.

“They’ve told me that I may have to go on a breathing machine soon. I’m not sure that’s something that I want to do, but I’m afraid to dishonor the Lord. Should I say yes to a respirator, or should I say no?”

If someone asked you that question, how would you answer?

How to apply God’s truth to very real and very dark realities is not always easy. When you’re wrestling with a question as profound as whether or not life is worth living, only God – not conventional wisdom – is adequate to answer.

The Horror of Aleppo: How Can Christians Help?


The news reports coming out of Aleppo, a city in northern Syria, are impossible to ignore.

Syria’s civil war has been waged in this ancient city for the past four years, marking one of the longest sieges in modern warfare. And while the details of the struggle may be difficult to understand, one thing is certain: the residents of Aleppo are paying a horrific price.

There are reports by the United Nations that Aleppo, which contains the country’s largest population of Christians, is seeing many atrocities being committed “against a large number of civilians.”

There are reports of “barrel bombs” being indiscriminately dropped from aircraft.

How You Can Help Adoptive and Foster Care Families


We all know what heroism looks like. It’s a soldier risking his life to save his buddy’s. It’s the police officer and fireman running toward the danger, not away from it. And I’d add to that: It’s loving families who are willing to open their homes and their hearts to children who need both.

A few weeks ago, Jean and I, and about 60 others, were in Israel with Ray Vander Laan, the host and teacher of Focus on the Family’s That the World May Know series.

A Child’s Telling Question About Assisted Suicide

Crying Angel

Have you noticed that children often possess profound sensibility? Amidst their innocence there can be a purity and clarity of thought, an ability to see through the competing forces of propaganda that can corrupt and distort reality.

They see what many more “enlightened” people miss.

Such was the case when a 12-year-old daughter of a Focus on the Family staff member asked her mom last week about Colorado voting to approve doctor-assisted suicide.

For context, the passage of Proposition 106 made Colorado the sixth state in the country to allow doctors to prescribe lethal drugs for some patients for end their lives by suicide.

Election 2016 and the Consequences of a Depraved Culture


By the end of Sunday night’s presidential debate, I was struck, like most people, by the sad and sordid spectacle of what has become one of the most acrimonious and distasteful campaigns in contemporary American politics.

On one side of the hall stood the Republican nominee attempting to dismiss his recorded claims of sexual assault on a woman as mere “locker room talk.”

In reality, the actions described in those tapes from 2005 were not just lewd and crude banter.

Can Abortion Be Immoral and Legal?


“I think abortion is immoral. But I’m glad it’s legal.”

Ever heard someone say that? Not only do I disagree with the sentiment, it’s inherently illogical. Most people who say it don’t realize that.

Then again, a lot of us in the pro-life camp may not realize it, either. We often don’t know how to respond to arguments that portray abortion as a practical and rational choice for society.

My answer to that kind of reasoning is to point to two fundamental questions that have driven the debate about abortion, euthanasia, and other crucial pro-life issues for decades:


The Epidemic Plaguing the Elderly


It’s a problem so big that some experts are calling it a public health concern. It impacts both a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

And while it can affect most anyone, this condition especially targets the elderly.

The problem I’m talking about?


Complicating the issue of loneliness is that there’s a stigma around it. Some people might think loneliness is due to a “social weakness, or an inability to stand on one’s own,” according to a recent New York Times article on the topic.

How to Help Victims of the Louisiana Flooding

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The catastrophic flooding in Louisiana is the worst U.S. disaster since Hurricane Sandy, says the Red Cross. At least 13 people are dead and 40,000 homes are damaged, according to reports. Some 86,000 people have already applied for federal disaster aid across the disaster area, which spans across more than 20 parishes.

To make matters worse, the forecast calls for scattered storms, and Louisiana’s flat topography will make for a very slow recovery.

Author, blogger and Louisiana resident Sara Horn, who was recently a guest on our broadcast, described the destruction:

The water came fast and no one was prepared for what was happening…

This was rain.

Trusting God in a Difficult Pregnancy

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“We’re not gonna have a baby, we’re gonna have a funeral instead.”

There are few events in life that bring more excitement to a couple than the anticipation of a new baby. The height of that joy is rivaled only by the depth of heartache that comes with a troubled pregnancy.

Josh and Laura had three children under five and were pregnant with their fourth. Each of the first three pregnancies had progressed without complication.

But the fourth…

Call it a mother’s intuition – that mysterious and beautiful bond between a mother and her baby that not only connects them physically, but at a heart level.