She Thought All Christians Were Arrogant Until …

She Thought All Christians Were Arrogant Until ...

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.

In recent generations, some in the Christian community have seen homosexuality as a bigger sin than every other and homosexuals themselves as virtually beyond redemption.

It seems to me that we too often use the sword of the Spirit to attack other human beings rather than reach out to them.

There is no sin we can name that is bigger than one drop of Christ’s blood. Salvation in Christ is available to everyone.

What’s Your Love Style?

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We’ve all got a love style.

It started forming back in childhood when your mom and dad connected with you emotionally, listened to you share your feelings, and made you understand that you mattered.

Or maybe they didn’t.

For good or for bad, the relational experiences of our early years form the roots for how – or even if – we emotionally attach to others.

Ideally, we’ll have an abundance of positive moments that enable us to become what Milan and Kay Yerkovich call “secure connectors.” Jesus was the personification of that love style.

“Love One Another” – Even During Election Season


Many of my conservative friends don’t see eye-to-eye on this year’s election, and I suspect I’m not alone.

Scroll through social media, go to churches across the country – goodness, go to a family dinner table! – and you might see good, sincere Christians with differing opinions on who to elect for president and how to think through the voting process.

For some evangelicals, it might be the first time they’ve faced this level of disagreement with their family or church community over a presidential election.

Election 2016 and the Consequences of a Depraved Culture


By the end of Sunday night’s presidential debate, I was struck, like most people, by the sad and sordid spectacle of what has become one of the most acrimonious and distasteful campaigns in contemporary American politics.

On one side of the hall stood the Republican nominee attempting to dismiss his recorded claims of sexual assault on a woman as mere “locker room talk.”

In reality, the actions described in those tapes from 2005 were not just lewd and crude banter.

The Unique Role God Has for Strong-Willed Christian Women

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Men are usually held in high esteem for their strong will. “What a leader!” people say. “He’s bold and lives with conviction.”

But a woman with a strong will is often characterized quite differently. “She’s bossy, controlling, and too self-assured.” It’s as if a woman can only be virtuous if she’s quiet and meek.

I think women and men are identical in this sense – God doesn’t want to rid us of our personalities, He wants to direct it and use it for His purposes.

Pokémon Go: What Parents Need to Know

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Today I want to share with you a piece by Adam R. Holz, who works on Focus’ Plugged In team, that will hopefully help you navigate the questions and requests your kids might have about the “it” game of the moment, Pokémon Go.

You can also download our free resource, “A Quick Pokémon Guide for Parentsonline. Let me know your thoughts about the game — and our guide — in the comments section!

Empty Nest? Here’s How to Make Your Marriage Thrive.

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For many couples, marriage is mostly about the kids.

Well-meaning moms and dads spend so many years completely devoted to the task of raising their children that they often forget to be husband and wife. It’s a situation that may be manageable while the kids are still at home and there’s enough work to “float” the relationship along – but it can become unbearable after the kids move out.

That’s what puts empty-nest marriages at higher risk for dissatisfaction – and even divorce.

Finding Rest When Life Gets Too Busy

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“Take time to smell the roses.”

It’s a well-worn phrase. But phrases like that endure for generations because their wisdom is so profound. In this case, that simple bit of near poetry reminds us that we tend to miss the richness all around us because we rush so quickly by the flowers of life that we never notice their color, their beauty, or their wondrous fragrance.

Popular guest, Vicki Courtney, told me of one springtime when she was pushing her grandson along in his stroller.

John Maxwell Wants You to Know These Five Things About People

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In my role as president of Focus on the Family, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people – from heads of state to ordinary people who’ve achieved extraordinary things.

Over the years, one thing has been affirmed again and again in my mind – people are what life is all about.

Dr. John Maxwell puts it this way: “God is in the people business, so we should be in the people business.”

Here at Focus, we take that directive seriously.

Four Ways to Control Your Anger

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Just a few wayward sparks.

That’s all it takes for a fire to burn through an entire city, as it did in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, one of the largest disasters in American history.

In popular accounts from the time, Catherine O’Leary’s cow kicked over a lantern in a humble barn on DeKoven Street. What started as a small fire quickly grew into an inferno that destroyed miles of homes and razed Chicago’s business district.