Four Ways to Control Your Anger

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Just a few wayward sparks.

That’s all it takes for a fire to burn through an entire city, as it did in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, one of the largest disasters in American history.

In popular accounts from the time, Catherine O’Leary’s cow kicked over a lantern in a humble barn on DeKoven Street. What started as a small fire quickly grew into an inferno that destroyed miles of homes and razed Chicago’s business district.

Do You Want to Unlock the Secrets to Lifelong Love?


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re excited here at Focus on the Family because we’re working with congregations worldwide to exalt marriage this Sunday in an event we’re calling the Honoring Marriage Event.

It’s a time for churches to talk about God’s design for marriage – something we’re doing with special emphasis throughout the month of February here at Focus.

In fact, we think marriage is so important to the health and stability of the culture that we have an entire division of our ministry dedicated to helping husbands and wives strengthen their relationships.

What Has Marriage Taught You?

What Has Marriage Taught You?

A colleague of mine was recently visiting some friends at an assisted living complex here in Colorado Springs. Sitting with men and women in the twilight of their lives, he asked them about their respective marriages. Many were now widowed but others were still married, some for fifty and sixty years.

What had marriage taught them about love and life?

What advice would they give to couples just starting out?

If they had to do it all over again, what would they do differently?

How to Manage Life’s Distractions

How to Manage Life's Distractions

Rachel lost two years of her life.

Maybe the first thought that comes to mind when you read that sentence is that Rachel suffered some sort of tragic accident that threw her into a coma – or she bonked her head and lost two years to amnesia.

But neither of those are accurate, and what happened to her can happen to any of us.

Her life was filled with distractions.

If our to-do lists are never-ending, and we’re always thinking ahead to the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, then we can easily miss out on the real life that’s happening right in front of us.

She Thought All Christians Were Arrogant Until …

She Thought All Christians Were Arrogant Until ...

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.

In recent generations, some in the Christian community have seen homosexuality as a bigger sin than every other and homosexuals themselves as virtually beyond redemption.

It seems to me that we too often use the sword of the Spirit to attack other human beings rather than reach out to them.

There is no sin we can name that is bigger than one drop of Christ’s blood. Salvation in Christ is available to everyone.

The Nine Attitudes that Will Strengthen Your Marriage

The Beatitudes are a beloved part of Matthew’s Gospel. They’re eight blessings Jesus offered to His audience – and to us – to remind us of the blessings we can enjoy when our lives are committed to God.

The Beatitudes are a beloved part of Matthew’s Gospel. They’re eight blessings Jesus offered to His audience – and to us – to remind us of the blessings we can enjoy when our lives are committed to God.

On today’s broadcast, you’ll hear a recorded message from popular speaker and pastor Mark Gungor, who used that framework as a catalyst for what he calls the nine “‘Be’ Attitudes” of marriage. These are specific attitudes that can help you and your spouse build a successful relationship.

How to Help Your Daughter Understand Romantic Relationships

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Do you have a daughter who’s a “crushaholic”? That’s a term that describes a young lady who is constantly seeking affirmation from boys.

I don’t have daughters myself, but my boys Trent and Troy are 15 and 13, so Jean and I are seeing the upheaval of the teen years up close. The physical, mental, and emotional changes can be intense.

Did I mention the emotional changes?

They can be especially pronounced in girls who tend to be emotional creatures by nature, more so than boys.

Five Tips for Making This Thanksgiving One of the Best Ones Ever


Thanksgiving is one of the great American holidays, a time dedicated to the deliberate expression of gratitude to the Lord for this country and our many blessings.

If you’re like my wife, Jean, you’ve been shopping and preparing the last few days. Perhaps you’ve cleared your house of extra clutter, wiped the fingerprints off the fridge and aired out the stuffy guest room. The serving platters are out of storage and your overnight guests might even be on their way.

How to Forgive When It Seems Impossible

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Forgiveness may be one of the hardest things God asks us to do.

Not so sure? Well, think about Jonah.

Jonah was a prophet of God. His life was devoted to serving the Lord and following His will. But then God said, “Forgive the Ninevites.”

Now, remember who the Ninevites were. They weren’t the innocent-looking people so often portrayed in Sunday school lessons. They were cruel and wicked and enemies of God’s people. It would be the equivalent of God saying to us, “I want you to go to the Middle East to forgive ISIS.”

I’m sure you remember Jonah’s initial response.

What a Circle and Oval Can Teach Us About Culture

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Picture two shapes: a circle and an oval. Did you know these basic geometric designs can teach us a lot about our culture?

Remember the name Ivan Pavlov? He was the Nobel Prize-winning physiologist, best known for his experiments involving ringing bells and salivating dogs. Well, it may not surprise you to learn that he conducted other scientific tests as well. One in particular, I believe, illustrates a significant challenge facing our culture.

The project went like this: Pavlov trained his dogs to distinguish between circles and ovals.