Six Traits to Look for in a Spouse

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What should a woman look for in a husband? What should a man look for in a wife?

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions a person can make and, yet, a lot of men and women are unprepared to answer that basic question.

Physical attraction is probably the most common attribute people consider, and it’s not unimportant. But some people never rise beyond that initial connection point. They’re fueled primarily by emotion and sexual attraction.

Watch Monty Williams’ Heartfelt Eulogy for His Wife

Monty Williams delivers his wife's (Ingrid) eulogy

Tragedy can strike suddenly – just ask Monty Williams, an assistant basketball coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

On Feb. 9, Ingrid, Monty’s wife of 20 years, died in a head-on car accident after another driver crossed the center lane and hit Ingrid at 78 miles per hour, nearly twice the speed limit.

In a split second Monty’s world was brutally shaken. What started out as an ordinary day ended as one that would forever change the Williams family.

How to Transform Your Marriage

Couple in sweaters

Wonder Woman.



The Invisible Woman.


What do all of these women have in common?

They can be strong and fierce in character. They’re capable of having bold convictions and standing firmly behind their decisions.

Really, the comparisons could go on and on, and I think it’s important that a woman’s strengths be celebrated.

There’s just one catch: Fictional superheroines are esteemed because they stand on their own and lead their lives independent of men.

WATCH: God Saves a Marriage from Addiction

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Everyone knows that alcohol addiction can destroy a marriage. In fact, my own father could never break free from the battle with the bottle.

But it doesn’t have to be so.

Today, I want to share with you a story about an Indiana couple who reached out to us for help. Their story might be yours or someone you love and care about. If so, please share it with them.

Focus on the Family’s National Institute of Marriage can help couples get back on the path towards a healthy, stable relationship.

Understanding Your Spouse’s Personality

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It’s really true: opposites do attract.

If you’re married, then you’ve likely experienced it in countless ways. Your spouse sees the world through entirely different eyes. You fall asleep to noise, but your spouse needs quiet. You’re a night owl, but your spouse enjoys mornings. For the most part, with a little communication, these differences can be navigated.

But sometimes it’s differences in communication itself that are the problem.

That dilemma is captured imaginatively in the title of a book written by today’s guests, Bill and Pam Farrel: “Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti.”

It’s a simple word picture to illustrate the inherent differences between men and women.

How God Healed a “Messy” Marriage

Domingo and Irene Garcia

We’re inspired by love stories because of their happy endings. But, more often than not, before the “happily ever after,” fairy tale couples usually have to travel a lot of hard road.

That was certainly the case with Irene and Domingo Garcia. In fact, the beginning of their story was characterized by so much brokenness and conflict it was unlikely they could have ever had a happy ending.

Irene was 13 when she first met Domingo, a 16-year-old, street-wise tough guy who was already an alcoholic.

Four Ways Failing Marriages and Healthy Marriages Look the Same

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If a couple in your church was headed for divorce, would anyone be able to see it coming before it was too late?

Chances are less likely than you might think, according to a new study that Focus on the Family sponsored through LifeWay Research. The study found that in the three months leading up to divorce, churchgoing couples in troubled marriages show similar levels of involvement as those in healthy marriages in four areas:

Attend church once a week or more
Involvement in a small group
Serve in community ministries
Hold positions of responsibility at church

What’s even more astounding is that nearly one-third of churchgoers who divorced never told anyone in their congregation that they were experiencing marital problems.

One Woman’s Story of Domestic Violence

Chained heart

Every now and then our radio broadcast covers a topic that breaks my heart.

This is one of them.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month here in the U.S., so we’re gearing today’s and tomorrow’s programs toward creating awareness about domestic violence and offering information and hope to those who may be suffering abuse themselves.

Some of our listeners might be thinking, “Why would Focus be talking about a subject like this on Christian radio?” Well, the sad truth is, domestic violence happens within the Christian community as well, so we need to talk about it openly and honestly.

Did You Know This About the Christian Singer Plumb?

Christian Music Artist, Plumb


Have you ever had a shirt with a loose thread? It seems like such a small thing, doesn’t it? But all it takes is one quick tug for you to realize that thread is part of a much larger problem. The next thing you know, your clothing is unraveling right before your eyes.

A marriage can have loose threads, too. A husband and wife don’t see eye-to-eye, or they’re not communicating very well, or little resentments start to crop up here and there.

How to Resolve Football Season Woes in Marriage

Picture of a football's laces

Do you like football?

Not everybody does, of course, a reality that can lead to frustrations in marriage.

My wife, Jean, isn’t a raving fan of the game, but she appreciates the enjoyment the boys and I get from both playing and watching it. That said, we’re not overly “plugged in” to a regimen of watching on television. Because we don’t watch regular TV at all, catching a Sunday afternoon game is a treat.

But what about the husband or wife (women make up 45 percent of the NFL fan base) for whom football is a major passion?