The Bible Sets a Record


I received an email from Roma Downey and Mark Burnett yesterday about Sunday night’s premier of History Channel’s “The Bible,” which garnered nearly 15 million viewers.

Here’s what she wrote:

Number one on tv…Number one on history website…Number one on twitter. People all over our nation are talking about the Bible. People are talking about God , what a blessing that is…

It begins!

We are so grateful to you all for your love and encouragement and  prayers. God is moving.

With gratitude and love,

All glory to God.

Ironically, I was at the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention in Nashville over the weekend and staying at a hotel that didn’t carry the History Channel!  As a bonus, though, I did have the pleasure of meeting Diogo Morgado who represents Jesus in the miniseries.  He is a delightful and humble young man.

“How can you play the Son of God? You can’t,” he told a group there. “What I had the privilege of playing was simply the words of Christ and taking the journey of the scriptures.”

Please join with me in praying that from this spectacular production will come many new lovers and members of the Christian faith.

Did you watch?  What did you think?

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Carol Morrisey More than 1 year ago

I think it was wise to avoid the controversy about homosexuality in the portion about Sodom, as the resulting furor could have obscured the main message.   The attack on the angels was portrayed with ambivalence--it was not made out to be something else.  If people are moved to read their Bibles by seeing this, they will get the full story.  I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the series, especially the parts about Jesus.  Maybe someday the producers will be able to do more such programs and fill in the gaps.

Gary Kelly More than 1 year ago

All but the compromise with evil concerning Sodom.

phred phlinstone More than 1 year ago

Trust me, not a single unbeliever is going to be converted by seeing this but that's not how you should judge it. The value would be in it's strengthening and enriching the faith that is already within the viewer.

Warren Shinn More than 1 year ago

This production MAY cause SOME unbelievers to seek God but I found it a whitewash of truth, and condensing 3,000 years into the first 2 hours caused alot to be omitted! Why was homosexuality, which was a huge part of Sodom, completely as not to offend? If Part 2 is as weak as Part 1, I will probably not finish the series.

Carol Huffman More than 1 year ago

The show was wonderful!!!!  We can pray that God will use this series to bring others to Christ!!!