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A lot of people assume it’s their circumstances that determine their attitude. But that’s really not the case. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Let me tell you about Christy and Debra. I think their stories illustrate the point well.

Christy is in her thirties. She’s college educated and ambitious, but with the economy struggling, she started cleaning houses to make ends meet. One of her daily tasks is scrubbing toilets. She hates it. From her view, she deserves better. A college degree should have earned her greater opportunities.

Debra is a different story. She, too, scrubs toilets every day, but she doesn’t mind it at all. In fact, she’ll tell you she’s thrilled to do it.

So what accounts for Debra having an entirely different attitude?

Well, she used to live on the streets where drugs and gangs were a daily threat. She bears the physical and emotional scars of a hard life. But things changed after she was taken in by a shelter for women. They provide warm food, a comfortable bed, and a fresh start in life. Her only cost is to help keep the place clean, including the bathrooms. For her, given the alternative, scrubbing toilets is a pleasure.

You see, we have the ability to choose our attitude, which informs how we see the world and interpret life. So if you’re struggling with your job, your family, or your overall outlook on life, maybe it’s not the situation itself that’s the problem, but the meaning you’ve poured into it.

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