This Quote from Abraham Lincoln Still is True Today


A colleague once shared with me a quote from Abraham Lincoln. It dealt with his perspective on public opinion and its impact on the direction of America, as well as the power of culture to shape politics and law:

In this age, in this country, public sentiment is everything.  With it, nothing can fail; against it, nothing can succeed.  Whoever molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes, or pronounces judicial decisions.

That’s a statement that just as easily could have been uttered today. Indeed, there is power in public opinion – for good and bad.

Case in point: Do you ever catch the results of a new poll regarding culture and morality and find yourself discouraged? Do you sometimes feel like you’re running uphill when sharing a Christian perspective, be it at work, school or in the neighborhood?

It is human nature, I think, to find ourselves in the midst of challenging times (both spiritually and morally) and conclude that what we’re experiencing is unprecedented. To be sure, every era is unique, but the arc of history is long – and often circular. Previous generations have also encountered difficulty.

Public opinion is a powerful force, but the Christian must never lose hope. We must instead embrace the Bible as our ballast, taking comfort and finding assurance in its promise that all is ultimately well for the person who believes Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord of all. Nothing can weaken or diminish this fact.

There is miraculous resilience in the human spirit to do what God has designed us to do.  Just think of all the forces arrayed against humanity – wars, poverty, crime, divorce, fatherlessness, various addictions, emotional depression and yet somehow the kernel of truth that says “God is” is not extinguished.


Regardless of how negative public sentiment might turn, no matter how challenging the moment, this I know to be true:

Nobody will succeed in obliterating God from the heart of man. Forces will continue to try, and they’ll put up quite a fight in the process. But the effort will ultimately fail, and miserably so.


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Anonymous 1 days ago
A few years ago, I asked God why all the church leaders in my state spoke and acted as if God were just a thought that had no power to do miracles anymore.  I told Him that I had to believe for the miracles and the impossible, because I couldn't do what needed to be done on my own.  I asked Him to help me save the children in our state from child abuse and a broken Foster Care System.  I started out with a small request of saving one life a day.  I told Him that I didn't need to know who He saved, because I would just believe that He heard me and saved a child each day.  

Three days later, I met a girl rescued by police after being kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking.  The minute that I heard about the girl, a voice whispered, "she is alive because of your prayer."  I was shocked and thrilled, but knew that it wasn't me that saved her, but God who gave me the understanding to pray the words.  A few minutes later, I received a call and learned that 168 children were rescued that same weekend around the nation in a sex trafficking bust by the FBI.  That same voice that I heard earlier whispered, "Think bigger.  I want to save more than one a day!"  
I was a new Christian, so I was filled with childlike faith that believed God's word as truth.  My state and this nation will never be the same again, because I know what God can and will do when we give Him the permission to take over in matters that man can't fix alone!  That is essentially everything, and that is why I see all my prayers transforming the world around me.  
By the way, our Foster Care System was recreated and the broken mess was destroyed and replaced with a better system.  We statered 2016 with 21,000 children in state care, but for the first time in seven years, that number turned and started decreasing.  At the end of 2016,  there were less than 15,000 children in state Foster Care, and every aspect of it has changed!  God is not dead and neither is His will.  He is the dream maker and giver, and He is ready to partner with anyone that will seek His help! 
I have no idea why I just shared all of that, but I hope it helps others to be bold enough to admit they can't fix the broken ruins of a fallen people, but God can and will if we will ask Him.  First we have to admit we can't do it without Him.
Richard More than 1 year ago

Our GOD is an awesome GOD and your words remind us of that. Thanks.

ellen More than 1 year ago

Thanks...  : )  Simple encouragement is sometimes all that is needed to take the next step.  Thanks for faithfully giving it.