This Is the No. 1 Way to Improve Your Marriage

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You’ve probably noticed that you and your spouse don’t always see eye-to-eye. Maybe he talks too much – or not enough. She feels hot while you’re shivering cold. Or maybe leaving early is rare because your spouse is always running late.

If you’re not careful, those differences can drive you apart. Petty disagreements can easily turn into full-grown battles that bleed a relationship dry.

Financial expert Dave Ramsey, our guest on today’s program, says the turmoil those differences cause are most apparent when it comes to finances.

Should Parents Reason with Young Children?

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I think almost every parent can relate to this scenario:

You give your 6-year-old a clear instruction to follow. But instead of doing what he’s told, he looks at you and, with a straight face asks, “Why?”

Believe it or not, how you respond to that question as a parent is more crucial than you might think.

There was a time in our society when a “Why do I have to?” from a child would get an immediate “Because I said so” from the parent.

How To Respond When Your Teen Daughter Announces She’s Pregnant

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Have you ever ridden one of those amusement park rides that spin at dizzying speeds just before the floor drops out? They leave you glued to the wall, holding on for dear life.

Well, if you’ve ever had a teen daughter shock you with the announcement, “I’m pregnant,” I’m guessing you can relate.

You probably felt like your world was spinning, and the floor had dropped out from beneath you.

The shock is understandable.

The question is, how should a parent respond?

What a Boy Taught This Pastor

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January is Sanctity of Human Life month, so it’s very fitting that I share with you some more about a film project Focus has been working on called The Drop Box. I’ve highlighted this touching documentary in this blog before, and you’ll be hearing more about it in the weeks to come. The documentary highlights the work of Pastor Lee Jong-rak who leads Jusarang Community Church in Seoul, South Korea.

The hallmark ministry of Pastor Lee’s church is its care for children that are left in its “baby box,” a warm, safe receptacle where an infant can be left anonymously instead of being discarded in a cold alley or a dumpster.

Share the Value of Both Mom and Baby with #iseetwo

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This year, Focus on the Family is commemorating Sanctity of Human Life month in January in three primary ways:

1. Announcing a new milestone for our Option Ultrasound program

In the ten years since its launch, we estimate that Option Ultrasound has now helped saved more than 300,000 babies! Since its beginning in 2004, Option Ultrasound has provided some 655 grants to qualified pregnancy medical clinics and about $4.5 million worth of benevolent resources to pregnancy centers.

Looking Ahead to 2015

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A couple of weeks ago I shared with you many of the exciting things God accomplished through Focus on the Family—with your support—this  year. With tomorrow being the last day of 2014, it’s appropriate to start looking forward. God has put many plans in our hearts for 2015. We’ll be stretching towards these goals – as well as eagerly anticipating what the Lord might surprise us with. Here are just two of the things Focus will be working on next year.

An Unwanted Dog and the Woman She Rescued

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Sometimes life’s pain can be so deep we lose ourselves in a fog of uncertainty and confusion. We struggle to see things that were once crystal clear – things like who God is and who we are in Him.

That was Laurie Sacher’s story. Broken dreams had stripped her of hope, leaving behind heartache and nagging questions about God’s character and His love for her.

But then a dog wandered into her life … literally. It was scraggly, blind, and homeless.

Two Good Men Defend Faith and Family in Massachusetts

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Today I want to share with you the story of a pair of winsome warriors, as told by Focus’ Citizen magazine.  It’s a story of Christ-centered love for country, of cross-generational partnership and of heeding God’s call.

Subscribe to Citizen magazine to get full access to uplifting and informative, public policy-related content such as this. An iPad version of Citizen is available through the iTunes Newsstand. You can also subscribe to the print version for a special rate of only $9.99 by calling 1-800-A-FAMILY.

How to Break Free from a Troubled Past

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We’ve all suffered heartache.

Even if we grew up in a loving home, we were raised by imperfect people who made mistakes, no matter how well-intentioned they may have been. So none of us escapes completely unscathed. It’s the reality of being born into a fallen world.

That’s a truth I know all too well.

I’ve openly shared about my troubled childhood. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s enough to explain that my mother died when I was nine years old.

VIDEO: This Little Girl’s Life Was Saved During a Football Game

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It was January 2010 when word got out that Focus was planning to air a pro-family commercial during Super Bowl XLIV.

Except many in the media were calling it an “anti-abortion” commercial – and many abortion rights groups were irate. Their condemnation was harsh. Many called on CBS to cancel our ad, despite not having even seen it.

The network ignored the spirited petitions urging them to reject the advertisement. It ran as scheduled in the first half.