What Your Son Needs More Than Love


Mom, God has wired you to love your son. Your soft, nurturing spirit is critical to his development. But as he grows into a young man, love will no longer be his primary emotional need from you.

Let my own high school football days open a window into your boy’s heart. I’ve had more than one coach grab me by the facemask and challenge my performance. Sometimes the whole locker room got it at once. “You guys are great athletes,” the coach would shout.

The Five Things Scott Hamilton’s Third Brain Tumor Can Teach Us About Life


By now some of you have received my October newsletter which featured an excerpt from my colleague and co-writer Paul Batura’s new book, “Chosen for Greatness: How Adoption Changes the World.” In his warm conversational style, Paul, an adoptive father himself, tells the fascinating stories of sixteen well-known adoptees.

Included in the book are such familiar names as Apple founder Steve Jobs, First Lady Nancy Reagan, the inventor and botanist George Washington Carver and President Gerald Ford.

Are You Worried Your Spouse Isn’t Your Soul Mate?

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Are you worried your spouse isn’t your soul mate?

Well, let me encourage you with this: soul mates aren’t found, they’re formed over time.

Juana Mikels and her husband, Terry, are proof of that. College sweethearts, they walked down the aisle believing the planets had surely aligned in order for them to find each other. But just two years into their marriage, the planets had all but fallen out of their orbits.

Juana was convinced she had married the wrong person.

Not Voting? I Hope I Can Change Your Mind


Are you feeling jaded about the election in just two weeks? No doubt this has been one of the ugliest and most peculiar political seasons any of us have witnessed. Some of you may even be thinking of not casting a vote on Nov. 8.

I hope to change your mind.

Even when our choices aren’t as clear as we’d like, elections are a God-given opportunity. Asked whether God’s people should pay taxes to a pagan, corrupt government, Jesus referenced a Roman coin.

This is a Parent’s Primary Task


Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, once asked his fans to describe their job in a single sentence. Here are some of the responses he got:

“Look out the window all day” – Pilot.

“Get paid for answers companies already know to questions they never asked” – Consultant.

And my personal favorite: “Read things that don’t matter then write papers saying they do in order to get a job doing something totally unrelated” – Student.

Lacey Sturm Shares How God Saved Her from Suicide


“I didn’t believe in God anymore. I felt like people were offering me a broken chair to sit in.”

That devastating lie, and others, were sown deep in Lacey Sturm’s heart early in life, and it nearly drove her to commit suicide.

She was 10 years old when her 3-year-old cousin was beaten to death by his stepdad. Any assurance that God noticed Lacey or cared about her at all died that day, too.

“Where is God?” she wondered.

“Love One Another” – Even During Election Season


Many of my conservative friends don’t see eye-to-eye on this year’s election, and I suspect I’m not alone.

Scroll through social media, go to churches across the country – goodness, go to a family dinner table! – and you might see good, sincere Christians with differing opinions on who to elect for president and how to think through the voting process.

For some evangelicals, it might be the first time they’ve faced this level of disagreement with their family or church community over a presidential election.

How to See More Deeply into Your Spouse’s Heart


Picture yourself in an antique store.

You’re standing before an old chair, its wood dinged up and the varnish dirty and worn. At first, you have trouble seeing past the grime and scratches to appreciate its craftsmanship.

But what if, just as you turn to leave the store, you discovered the chair belonged to Abraham Lincoln? Suddenly, instead of a banged up old relic, you’re looking at a piece of history.

What happened? The chair didn’t change.

Five Ways Singles Can Honor Marriage (Guest Post)

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As a single person, sometimes I look around and wonder what happened to marriage.

In my Millennial demographic, it seems like more people are choosing to live together or hookup with someone on Tinder than choosing to tie the knot.

The studies show that there’s a growing pool of young single adults who seem to have little drive to marry. A recent Pew Research study  found that most Millennials won’t marry until at least age 27, and 25 percent will never marry at all.

Caring for Elderly Parents with Grace and Honor


The first indication something was wrong with Jane’s father was after a situation she now calls the “splintering incident.”

He was 87 years old and had driven into the side of the garage. “His foot slipped off the brake,” her mother told her.

Jane and her husband Mike laughed it off. “After all,” they thought, “that kind of thing happens, right?” Only, the same thing happened just a couple of weeks later.

That was the beginning of a long season of tough decisions and rollercoaster emotions for Jane and her husband, Mike.