What the Bible Says About Divorce and Remarriage

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In 1995, employees at the five-story Sampoong department store in Seoul, South Korea, noticed cracks developing on the top floor around one of the support columns. Despite warnings from civil engineers, the store’s owner refused to close the building for repairs.

It was a minor problem, he insisted.

In reality, the crack was merely a symptom of a much larger structural failure. That became evident on June 29 when the entire building collapsed, killing over 500 people and wounding nearly 1,000 more.

Money-Making Ideas for Moms

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You’ve probably heard it many times before: financial management in the home is primarily about effective budgeting and wisely using the resources you already have.

But we hear from a lot of families who tell us they don’t have a budgeting problem, they have an income problem. They aren’t living extravagantly or beyond their means, but they’re still barely getting by and have nothing extra left over to bless others.

Recent survey data shows that almost 60 percent of families with children under the age of 18 in the home have parents who both work outside the home.

Three Lessons from Justice Clarence Thomas’ Commencement Speech

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When I hear good people say good things, I like to pass them along.  So I want to share three items from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ commencement speech to the graduates of Hillsdale College.

1. Benefits don’t exist without responsibility.

The small farm of his youth taught Justice Thomas that you reap what you sow. There are no crops if you don’t take care of the land. “If we didn’t work, we didn’t eat.

Reflecting the Heart of God in Your Parenting

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I don’t know about you, but my wife, Jean, and I have days where our parenting doesn’t go very smoothly. Sometimes we’ll look at each other and wonder, “Is there a secret to all of this that we’re missing?”

A conversation I had with the late Dr. Karyn Purvis before she passed away reminds me of a concept that I wouldn’t exactly consider a secret, but it comes about as close as anything: Good parenting is rooted in the heart of God, which is all about connection.

What Do You Think About the Obama Administration’s School Restroom Policy?


Last week’s controversial directive by the Obama Administration to the nation’s public schools and colleges has understandably shocked many parents and students.

In fact, according to a new Rasmussen poll earlier this week, 55 percent of parents with elementary and secondary school age children oppose it while 32 percent support it; 16 percent are undecided.

As I said in my media statement Friday, the move to open up restrooms and showers to gender-confused students undermines parental rights and politicizes our kids’ education.

Eric Metaxas Explains How God Uses Ordinary People to Change History

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Our society needs heroes.

In fact, I think it’s how God has wired us.

The human spirit is nourished by witnessing men and women who answer the call of God upon their lives and overcome amazing obstacles with unwavering faith.

I think this is partly why Jesus took on human nature and lived among us. God didn’t abandon us to figure life out on our own or leave us the Bible as a sterile rule sheet to follow.

Why No News is Good News from the Supreme Court Today

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We’re pleased today to learn that the Little Sisters of the Poor will not be forced by the government to compromise their religious beliefs after all.

Allow me to explain.

Rather than issue a final verdict, the U.S. Supreme Court has ordered the lower courts to allow the over two dozen religious organizations and individuals involved in the Zubik v. Burwell case (in which Little Sisters is one of the religious parties) to work with the federal government to reach a compromise that takes care of the concerns of all parties.

Twelve Traits Common to Every Happy Marriage

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I’ve met a lot of couples who believe the formula for marital happiness is rooted in things like chemistry, fate, or a one-in-a-million shot that you’ll discover your soul mate.

Here’s one that’s mostly overlooked: choice.

That’s right. In the same way that personal happiness is a choice, so, too, is happiness in marriage. It may not always be an easy choice or an obvious choice, but it is something we can choose regardless of whatever obstacles may be working against us.

My Thoughts on the Obama Administration’s Letter to Schools Concerning Transgender Bathrooms

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Here’s what we sent to the media regarding today’s news. I hope to address this topic – and the issues surrounding it – in greater depth next week. –JD


Focus on the Family President: Obama Administration’s Letter to Public Schools Undermines Parental Rights, Politicizes Education of 50 Million Schoolchildren  
““There should be a balanced approach – one that does not ignore privacy concerns”

Colorado Springs, Colo. – Focus on the Family President Jim Daly issued a statement reacting to the Obama Administration’s letter to public schools on bathroom use today.

An Innocent Man, a Crooked Cop and the Gift of Forgiveness

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Their friendship started in an unlikely way – with a lie and an arrest.

Jameel McGee was walking down a Benton Harbor, Michigan street when police officer Andrew Collins falsely accused him of dealing drugs and arrested McGee. The arrest – and the phony report Collins filed – led to McGee spending four years in prison. During his sentence, McGee lost everything.

While in prison, all McGee could think of was of getting back at the man whose actions had stolen so much from him.