The Cost of Independence

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When it comes to America’s sovereignty, freedom has never been free. Dating back to the Revolutionary War, more than 1.3 million Americans have died in combat. It’s important to remember that each of these deaths is not an isolated incident; no man is an island. When a soldier falls, life within a family unit is irrevocably and permanently changed. Those deaths represent a lot of tears over the course of 235 years.

Yes, freedom in the U.S.A.

Bringing Balance to a Busy Mom’s Life

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Women face a lot of pressure.

Many are trying to maintain a career or an otherwise busy outside schedule while being a wife and mother and caring for the family home. The demands on their time are immense.

That’s how it is for my wife, Jean. Our boys are in those middle, “tweener” years, so she always seems to be running from one activity to another.

But, as many women discover, too much responsibility makes it easy to get out of balance.

The Court Rules: Now Do These Four Things

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For Christians, the emotional response to the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage has run the gamut, and understandably so. It would be impossible to overstate the significance of Friday’s announcement.

In my statement to the media, I urged believers to continue engaging the culture with loving kindness and to be a light in these dark times. I joined many other Christian leaders in signing the “Here We Stand” evangelical declaration that, among other things, cautions against responding in panic to this ruling.

Why Is Relational Intimacy So Scary?

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It’s been said that fear is the enemy of intimacy. I think that’s right.

Our guest on today and tomorrow’s program, author Donald Miller, agrees as well. He compares intimacy with standing on the edge of a cliff, fighting through anxiety and fear to jump into the water.

We don’t often equate fear with lack of intimacy because we don’t recognize all the ways we avoid vulnerability with the people closest to us. We rely on our humor, beauty, social status, or whatever identity we’d rather people see than our deepest, truest selves.

This Question on Same-Sex Marriage from a Journalist Surprised Me

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News of the Supreme Court’s decision to impose same-sex marriage on all 50 states spread quickly on Friday.

Unpacking what this decision means, and its implications, will take a lot longer.

We’re starting that process of better understanding what the redefinition of marriage means to our country and our religious liberties on today’s Focus on the Family broadcast. We discuss this important topic with two noteworthy guests: former Focus board member Dr. Al Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, and Dr.

No Court Can Change What Marriage Is

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Statement by Focus on the Family President Jim Daly on the decision in the Obergefell v. Hodges marriage case:

“Today the Supreme Court issued a disappointing decision that imposes same-sex marriage on all 50 states.

“Although this result was predicted by many observers, the action of the Court is nonetheless startling in its rejection of a societal understanding of marriage that goes back to the dawn of civilization. It tramples on the democratic process by overturning the will of more than 60 percent of Americans who voted on the issue and creates a new federal constitutional right in an area where our founding document is silent.

Is Your Christianity Born of Convenience or Conviction?

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All eyes are on the Supreme Court this week as we await the historic decision in the Obergefell v. Hodges case. Seven cases remain on their docket. The justices will be issuing rulings tomorrow and Friday and possibly again on Monday. It’s impossible for us to know exactly when the decision will be announced, but this much is certain:

By this time next week we’ll know whether or not five or more justices have found a constitutional right to same-sex “marriage” in all 50 states.

Authentic Christianity in Charleston

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When I first blogged about the horrific shooting at Charleston’s historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, authorities were still piecing together what had happened. What we’ve learned since then makes the tragedy all the more awful.

The pastor and eight congregants killed on last Wednesday night were targeted because the suspected shooter, 21-year-old Dylan Roof, wanted to start a race war.

By all accounts, this young man was filled with hate. Friends say he talked of the “need for whites and blacks to be segregated,” and that “he wanted to hurt lots of people.” An online manifesto that authorities say appears to be written by Roof is laced with racism, including statements that blacks are inferior to whites.

Sex and Love: Do Husbands Know the Difference?

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Do most men know the difference between love and sex?

A lot of men assume they have that distinction pretty well settled – until they realize the lines are more blurred than they thought, and their marriage suffers because of it.

The fact is, struggles related to sex and intimacy within a marriage are one of the top reasons we’re contacted here at Focus on the Family. So it’s an important issue for us to address.

Elisabeth Elliot Showed Me What True Conviction Looks Like

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I was in my early 20s and returning from a year of college in Japan when a friend invited me to hear Elisabeth Elliot speak in Kansas City.

She lit that auditorium of more than 18,000 people on fire.

As you most likely know by now, Elliot passed away on June 14 at the age of 88. She was a heroine of the faith, one of the most influential Christian women in the 20th century.

Here was a woman the world first met in 1956 when her husband, Jim Elliot, was among the five missionaries speared to death by the Auca Indians in Ecuador.