Fire Hits Our Area Again


Nearly one year since a massive wildfire decimated neighborhoods just to the west of our campus here in Colorado Springs, we once again find ourselves glued to news reports of devastating fires destroying homes in the area.

From our offices here we can see and smell the smoke of the Black Forest fire, which is still burning out of control this morning. And our hearts break at the sight of it all, especially when we know that hundreds of people have lost their homes and thousands have been forced to evacuate their properties. Jean and I along with our boys evacuated our home last evening. Dozens of our teammates have also been forced to flee their houses. Scores more are on high alert and are ready to evacuate.  The weather forecast today is not promising. High temperatures and gusty winds are expected.

Needless to say, the situation is unsettling. Your prayers would be most appreciated for all the families impacted and especially for the brave men and women working so hard to fight these fires.

Times like these can cause many of us to feel helpless, yet we know the Lord hasn’t abandoned us.He is in control.  Please join me in praying for a quick resolution to this dangerous situation, for the Lord’s protection over the families affected by these fires and for strength and safety for those fighting the fires.

May the Lord be their hiding place; may He protect them from trouble and surround them with songs of deliverance (from Psalm 32:7).

Thank you for your compassion and your prayers.

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Tami Miller More than 1 year ago

--Personal friends of mine live in the Colorado Springs area and I consider you all at Focus my friends as well.  This is the prayer I posted on Facebook for the fires:  Lord, open the skies above and let rain pour down on these dry and parched lands. Guide those who are working on these fires - protect and defend them. Keep anyone in the pathway of these fires from injury and protect homes and businesses. Prevent mudslides from an over abundance of rain. Help your church to be your church and do what your church is called to do. I pray these things and petition you in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.