The Ideal Soundtrack to Christmas Preparations


With only two shopping days left until Christmas, a lot of you are scurrying through malls today, searching for those last minute gifts. Others of you are loading up the car for a long drive or preparing to catch a flight to someplace special. Since Focus on the Family is closed today for a long holiday weekend, me and the rest of the staff aren’t in the office, so we can enjoy extra time with our families.

But we do have a special program for you and your family today you won’t want to miss. I think it will serve as an ideal soundtrack for whatever Christmas preparations you have underway.

We’ll be airing a collection of stories that we’ve received from you, our Focus listeners. Your inspirational Christmas memories highlight the joy of the season and remind us that God is always at work in our lives, even in our deepest pain.

We’ll also have another special treat on today’s program – an original radio drama called “When Christmas Came to Thorn Creek Bridge,” written and produced by Kerry Kistler and featuring the voice talent of actor and story-teller George Sarris.

So take a quick break from all that wrapping paper, sit back and relax with some hot chocolate, and enjoy our special program, “Coming Together As a Community at Christmas,” on your local radio station, online, or download our free phone app.

I hope over the next several days you’ll enjoy time with your family and friends and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and all that He came to accomplish in our world.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given…” (Isaiah 9:6a, ESV).

Merry Christmas!

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