Moral and Biblical Thoughts About Marijuana


 By now you’ve probably heard that Colorado is the first state to legalize marijuana. If you watch late night television at all, chances are good that you’ve heard a number of jokes about it.

Here’s a thumbnail history of how we got here:

A couple years ago a majority of voters in Colorado backed an amendment to the state constitution making it legal for individuals age 21 and over to possess and use a small amount of the drug for recreational purposes. That law took effect on January 1 of this year. This followed years of lobbying and campaigning by a group of committed activists who compare marijuana to alcohol. By making marijuana legal, like alcohol, they say, the state could regulate its manufacture and distribution, and generate revenue by taxing it.

I live in Colorado and I’ve heard the arguments for years. I understand them, but I still have serious concerns.

 First, making marijuana legal at the state level doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a banned substance according to federal law. While the federal government has taken a hands-off approach so far, the discrepancy between state and federal law has a lot of people wondering what will happen in the future. In any event, marijuana remains illegal to grow, possess or use according to the law of the land.

My concerns aren’t mainly legal ones, though. Does simply legalizing something make it a good option? My friends on the Physicians Resource Council of Focus on the Family have drawn attention to many of the downsides of marijuana: diminished cognitive function (including concentration, memory, learning and judgment), impaired motor skills, and decrease in motivation, not to mention health problems that may result from the irritating and toxic mix of chemicals that are inhaled when pot is smoked.

Add to all this the fact that marijuana keeps bad company. Marijuana is often referred to as a “gateway drug.” Now of course that doesn’t mean that anyone who tries marijuana is fated to a life of drug use, but research shows that marijuana use in many young people leads to the abuse of alcohol or use of illicit drugs (or the abuse of legal prescription medications).

 Of all the problems associated with marijuana, however, the moral concerns might be the strongest. The Bible is very clear in warning against drunkenness (Ephesians 5:18). Granted, a person might drink a glass of wine at dinner and not become intoxicated, but what about marijuana? Isn’t “intoxication” the main point of using marijuana for recreational purposes?

As a father of two boys who’ll have the legal right to try marijuana when they turn 21 here in the state of Colorado, all these things make me uneasy, but they don’t make me disheartened. My responsibilities as a dad don’t hinge on whether a particular drug is legal or illegal. My job remains the same: to raise young men who know and love God, to teach them to lean completely on Him, and to give them the tools to make wise decisions for life.

While Colorado is the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, voters in the state of Washington have also opted to allow its recreational use, and sales of marijuana in that state will be allowed later this year. Depending on how the experiment goes in these two states, marijuana will likely be legalized in other states in the years to come. Even if you don’t live in Colorado or Washington, now is the time to get informed about marijuana and, if you have kids, start a discussion with them. Pastor John Piper has a good article on the topic from a theological perspective you might want to read.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue.

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Juhani Holander 5 months ago
Jesus did not use cannabis. The Bible proves that anointing oil did not contain cannabis. Read here.
Gina Reddin More than 1 year ago

--I completely agree about recreational use.  You didn't address medicinal use.  I would love to know your views on medicinal use instead of strong prescribed narcotics.

Bobby Earle More than 1 year ago

--I'm a former missionary, business owner, and married father. I care for a wife with a severe neurological disorder. I am full time mom, dad, and breadwinner to a 3 year old, as well. I also have Crohn's disease.

The only thing that has stopped my internal bleeding has been marijuana (I had abstained from all intoxicants until this time -- I didn't even drink caffeine). I use concentrated cannabis oil multiple times a day for over a year. In a day, I use the amount normal people use in a week -- I'm a heavy, heavy user (I have a very rough version of Crohn's -- prescribed chemo 3x in 2012). If marijuana is so dangerous, I should NOT be able to function the way that I am. I have a very difficult, severe situation I'm dealing with and the only reason I'm able to care for my family (unlike in 2011 and 2012 where I didn't have cannabis oil) is because of marijuana.

If it's as dangerous as you all say, I simply shouldn't be able to function. Yet, here I am -- functioning just fine. Writing this post moments after taking my oil. I've drank alcohol before -- I can't function on it. Marijuana is totally different. Within two weeks, my body acclimates to the "high" and I no longer have to deal with that issue. If I'm able to do everything I can on it, and I know many people who do the same, you all are likely very misinformed.

And, from a theological standpoint, it seems very dangerous to ascribe dangerous (fals) traits to something good that God made. All natural things aren't necessarily good -- but all plants that bear seed that don't harm the body? The Bible is very clear about that.

Render to Caesar what is Caesar's. I just don't think plants are renderable unto Caesar. How dare we let a government overrule God's creative choices?


Karen Walker More than 1 year ago

--Our society is about to find out that marijuana is not conducive to family life.  I think research will show that 80% of users are men, and that they start in teens or twenties.  Good Dads are already few and far between, and now we've added a new vice.  A young father can have a beer after work and still be with his kids.  MJ smoke won't be good for kids, and the fast high makes Dad unavailable.  No, not condusive to family life.  The children will suffer.  A good man will be even harder to find.  

Allen Richard More than 1 year ago

--The title of the article drew me to it, but you did not address the biblical nor moral aspects of marijuana.  Disappointed.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Marijuana use was not recorded in the Bible. All we have is quotes about wine. But God gave you the ability to tell right from wrong. You may choose to do what is wrong, but you still know the difference deep down. You can infer what the Bible WOULD say about marijuana based on what it says about other things. You don't need Jim Daly's opinion in order to make a good decision for you and your family. Use common sense and good judgement, and make the decision for yourself ... regardless of whether it is legal or not.
Cindy Colee More than 1 year ago

--I have a friend in Georgia who has a four year old daughter who suffers from a severe seizure disorder.  The friend and her family are fighting to legalize medicinal marijuana to help her child.  I am so torn over this issue.  Is there any way to help this little girl without this drug?  And how do you make sure that it would only be used as a medicine?  I don't want to see the drug legalized, but I want to see an end to this little girl's suffering.

Beavis Human More than 1 year ago
Cindy, the only reason you are torn on the issue is because you don't have all the facts.  You are a victim of propaganda (nothing personal, all of us are).  If it helps that little girl (perhaps even saves her life) then why on earth should anyone try to prevent her from having it?  I think that is cruel... even evil.  People view cannabis in a completely different light than other medicines (mainly because we've been conditioned by our government to hate and fear the plant), but when viewed objectively we see this is a false double-standard.  For many decades now the US government has funded and allowed studies seeking to show that it's harmful (with little success, mind you) while at the same time NOT funding and NOT allowing research on beneficial medical use of the plant (studies are proceeding outside the US now, and new evidence of its medical use are almost constantly being released).
Henry McClendon More than 1 year ago

-- I am also concerned about the efforts to legalize this "recreational" drug.  What I have not heard or seen is data regarding second hand smoke.  With companies testing potential and current employees, is it possible that someone who does not smoke, but is around those who do, gets tested and register a positive?  

I have never used the stuff and always get a headache.  To this day I hate to be down wind of a car where people are smoking or walk through a public area where it has been used.  

Jack Smith More than 1 year ago

--With a few exceptions, people seem to be believing that support for decriminalizing marijuana comes mostly from its users. I'm not so sure of that and I really don't think that there are enough users to tip the balance at the ballots. I don't ever imagine myself smoking tobacco in public. I regularly hold my breath when  I walk by a bus stop if someone is smoking. But I really don't want to live in a world where smoking in illegal. I don't want to smoke, or otherwise consume, marijuana but I'm tired of living in a world where we destroy the lives of some of those that do. Marijuana is a gateway to heroin because it is illegal in the same way that when alcohol was banned people moved away from beer and towards the more easily smuggled hard stuff.  Much of Mexico is now a killing field because the drug trade is illegal.

Mr. Daly, of course you want a world where your sons never use marijuana. None of us would like to see that. But what do you want to happen to them if they do? Just how much pain do you want them to suffer in punishment? How much do you want their lives destroyed?

@JackisWrong, I don't want to be one of those crazy guys who brings up the constitution but we do have one of those. And one of the things it does, in conjunction with case law, is it restricts what the federal government can do. The constitution restricts them to taxing and regulating commerce. They can prohibit distribution and manufacture. That's why you find in Title 21, Part D, Section 844, Paragraph a, "It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly or intentionally to possess a controlled substance unless such substance was obtained directly..." The "obtained directly" means obtained without commerce.

Gary Nelson More than 1 year ago

--SKBurns: You are absolutely correct that Christians should call what is wrong WRONG! But you are greatly mistaken in your assumption that we should use the armed force of the state to enforce our beliefs. How many sermons have we all heard on the need for regeneration from the inside out, and the folly of trying to make non-Christians act Christian?? I do not support marijuana use (nor have I ever used it), but as a career criminal justice professional I can clearly see that we have failed in our efforts to force people not to use this drug. Along the way, we have incarcerated thousands, given them criminal records, taken parents away from children and spouses away from spouses, seized millions in private property and spent billions in taxpayer dollars - all without success. Yes, I will stand and say THAT is wrong!

Suzanne Burns More than 1 year ago

--I live in Washington State.  It was disgusting to me to watch campaign commercials advocating a "yes" vote on legalizing recreational marijuana.  One of these commercials had a lovely mother-type lady telling us to vote yes so taxation on the sale of marijuana could be used to fund our public schools.  What message of confusion must this be sending to our children?  Studies aren't needed to win the argument against legalizing recreational use.  Just take a look and listen to the people on the news getting first in line to make their purchase.  Their joy is in getting stoned.  If you believe in the work of Christ on the cross for your salvation then you understand that your life, your body, your very breath, is not your own.  You are just the steward and you have a very brief time to be a light in a dark world.  Do not conform to the flawed thinking and reasoning of the lawmakers.  May we who love and trust an unchanging God not be afraid to stand up with love and compassion and call what is wrong WRONG!

Karen Bill More than 1 year ago

--I don't have any scientific evidence to back up what I know about marijuana.  However, I have 4 younger brother sisters, which are anywhere from 4 to 11 years younger than I am, all of which smoked  marijuana.  one brother became a drug addict.  Three of my siblings all became alcoholics.  What I do know is that there is not a one of them that really grew up mentally or emotionally from about 15.  I watch their behavior is utter amazement that they should still be acting llike they are in high school even though they are now in their 50's and 60's .  The drug culture did them no favors.  I would do anything to protect the future generations from not growing up.  Maybe a bunch of non thinking inmature adulths would be easier to control.  Their lives are a wreck.  They have all been married and divorced multiple times.  One brother is in the last stages of liver disease.  Yep Marijuana served them well.

Cherwyn Ambuter More than 1 year ago

--Gosh. I read your sentence, Mr. Daly: "My job remains the same: to raise young men who know and love God, to teach them to lean completely on Him, and to give them the tools to make wise decisions for life." ... And I guess I feel as though I FAILED at my "job." Our 16yo. daughter began having sex, using marijuana and alcohol all at the age of 15! She is an avowed anti-God person now and is mad at Him for not blessing gay relationships. (She's not gay, but she's supportive of their cause.) She says she hid this "other person" from us, insider herself, for 2 years before we discovered her true identity. She wants no part of following God. She wants control of her life and doesn't think anyone else should have any say in her life.

In reading books about prodigal children, I am able to prayerfully lay my failures at Jesus' feet and receive some sort of spiritual consolation and forgiveness, as well as to know that her choices are not FULLY my own fault nor responsibility - that she makes her own choices, despite her godly household filled with a balance of love and discipline.

Am learning from these books that my job ISN'T to raise her to love God- but to STRIVE towards that end. No parenting's "guaranteed." Even God's perfect parenting didn't motivate perfect obedience in Adam and Eve - and that was before the Fall of Man! (In other words, they never knew sin, and they still sinned...Our children are sinners from the time of their births, and it's easier for them to sin again.) In the final analysis, it's GOD who raises our children - we're usually His conduits but not always the direct ones - and they will disobey Him if they please.

We do the planting, God does the watering! My job isn't to raise a God-fearing child. My job is to introduce them and seek to connect them to God, but it's my CHILD'S job to take His hand and to walk forward with Him. That's not up to me, and it's not up to you.

I know your article wasn't about this, but I guess you hit a tender spot with your sentence. Just, be ready to respond in a godly manner to your child if you find they break your heart and send you into a twilight zone of Christian parenting. You have to quickly regain your footing and prayerfully figure out what your response ought to be.


Gary Nelson More than 1 year ago

--Greetings all, I am a new subscriber here. FYI, I am also a retired police officer and pastor, who supports decriminalization of marijuana for one central reason: The cure has proven worse than the disease. Far more damage to human lives has been done by stigmatizing and incarcerating marijuana users than by the drug itself. Families and lives have been destroyed by unrelenting enforcement of laws fueled by the same ill-advised moralism I see in several posts here. Thousands of people have been made nearly unemployable by criminal records, which has surely contributed to an increasingly government-dependent populace. Like Vietnam, the war on drugs has been long, bloody, and a waste of precious human lives. It's time to find a better way to deal with the problem of drug abuse than by using the armed force of the state against our neighbors who choose to use this substance.

H Mac More than 1 year ago

--Couple of things...why are there no interviews with people who have been marijuana users for many years?  I would really like to hear from them.

Also, I know for a fact that the intoxicating effects of marijuana are completely different than those experienced with "drunkenness".  The effects are more like relaxing or calming.  This is why there are no statistics about "stoned" driving.  All the hoopla about dangerous stoned drivers is an effort to create a problem where there is none.

The efforts to "demonize" and restrict access to a plant that has the potential to SAVE THE PLANET is a SIN, in my humble opinion.

You know, no matter what you think about cannabis, pro or con, the thing we need to remember is that we have been LIED to and manipulated...seriously! For this reason alone, we need to remove ALL laws and regulations on this plant and start over, from the beginning.

Beavis Human More than 1 year ago
"why are there no interviews with people who have been marijuana users for many years?  I would really like to hear from them."

H Mac, I have used it for years and am quite knowledgeable about the plant (including the science).  I would be happy to answer any questions you have.
J. Kendall More than 1 year ago

--I'm fully in favor of this.

I've discussed this on another website before, and I would like to quote some of the statements in said discussion, for I agree with them completely.

"[Legalization will keep] the weed out of the hands of drug dealers since you can set up legal growth depots as well."

"I think the cons of criminalisation [far outweigh] the benefits at the moment."

"[Marijuana is] less harmful than either [alcohol or tobacco]. In fact, the harm comes from the smoking part, which is not even necessarily part of the use."

Bill Goddard More than 1 year ago

--I used pot for about 10 years a few decades ago and am thankful for Mr. Daly's article. I also appreciate pastor Piper's spiritual insights as well.  I was blessed to have great teaching on the subject of drugs by pastor Jack Hayford, also many years ago.  What stuck with me was that drugs, including street and abused prescription drugs' root in the Bible--Greek-- is pharmachaea (sp?) from which we have in English, the word 'pharmacy'.  It means drugs--AND it means magic/witchcraft.  Get that!  The latter translates into rejecting God and becoming your own god, in the use and abuse of the substance(s).  To realize this truth sobered me as a Christian, and I wanted to shout it  from the rooftops.  About the time I learned this teaching I saw the animated movie "The Prince of Egypt" about the book of Exodus.  The  sequence of the power encounter between God and Pharoah's magicians was a dramatic example of my own previous folly and God's infinite power; and my abuse of marijuana as pharmachaea. Whatever we submit to we give power to control us.  Let it be the LORD and nothing else.  

Brinnon Dustin More than 1 year ago

--Not a single person can completely deny that it is a POTENTIAL gateway drug. No, it does not always lead to other drugs, sure, but the biggest appeal of marijuana - the high - is typically what coerces someone (particularly those with weaker wills or those who buckle under pressure) to seek an even better high. My dad is a perfect example of such a scenario. Marijuana lead straight into meth for him, because someone told him that meth gave a better high. That is easily a major reason not to go forward in the legalization.

It is easy to say that "you are different," but not everyone can be that way. Some people just have even dormant addictive personalities. I know that the consumption of wine is even mentioned in the Bible, but it is never said that doing so is necessarily a "good thing." Ultimately, the effects of alcohol AND drugs are negative.

Another concern is the use of the drug in public areas. Even if a beer is splashed on you, you are not going to get a "contact drunk." Marijuana, however, can have its effects felt simply by breathing it in secondhand. So... we are then essentially taking choice out of the matter. If people are allowed to puff on a joint as they walk down the sidewalk, the family he/she just walked by all gets to "enjoy" his smoke too. (Funny thing about smoke.) By legalizing it, obviously users will become more bold about their use and such a scenario is not unlikely.

I feel as strongly about this as I do because I come from a family steeped in addiction - be it drugs, pills, or alcohol. In fact, drugs were a contributing factor in my mom's murder going on six years ago. Regardless of the substance itself, the very idea of drugs has the potential to draw an unsavory crowd. I've been around drug use for the better part of my 27 years, and I have yet to see an example of a situation where its presence has not interfered in a negative way - even if that is just simply a drain on the wallet as the drug isn't cheap.

In the end, this world's agenda is going to be pushed and pushed. Perhaps, regardless of how hard we fight, some things are just going to have to happen. Maybe this world has to become so incredibly broken (not that it really isn't already) that we can't stand the thought of going outside. All we can do is seek God and seek Him tirelessly. If we can't dissuade those outside our spheres of influence, we can at least do everything in our power and His to steel and protect those that are within. I don't say that suggesting we should lay down our arms and give up, I mainly say that so as not to be surprised when things that are good fail and evil and negativity flourishes. In the end, these issues deserve prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.

steven Doherty More than 1 year ago

--I am appauled at those who really think that this law is a step in the right direction. I personally know friends and family that have used this toxic substance and the results are quite obvious. And the result coincides with studies done about the harmful effects of marijuanna use.

 Like the use of cigarettes and alchohol, these states want to make money off of these

, and those who become addicted to it. Folks do what ever you have to do to not allow this sun=bstance to become legal in your state (s). Being an EMT I have scraped many a person off of the streets, sidewalks, all strung out on these substances.

How pathetic of our stupid leaders to lead us and our children down the road of addiction(s), by making them leagal for recreational use ??? Are they serious, or just plain stupid. I think the latter is true. At least a law against it was a deterant, from using.

I know someone close to me whom I care about immensly who had smoked  for 25 years and this person said it ruined thier life , effected their ability to think let alone  remember important details, and the recovery of those details.

  Marijuanna use medicinally is exceptable because it is known to help cancer patoents with serious pain issues, as well as other various diseases. But  that was over a short term use and managed by a physician. Who by the by make prescriptions for other poisonous substances and controlled medications. This is not that issue. I can imagine a whole society strung out on weed, and thats a frightening thought to imagine.

Jim Hassinger More than 1 year ago

--Like alcohol, well written, well enforced regulations with taxation to pay for it should keep this within some boundaries of control and limit the worst abuses.  However, seems foolish to argue need for "medicinal" purposes, even if only prescribed by MD.  If not already, active ingredients can be created and administered far more effectively IM or IV.  

Juli Buchmann More than 1 year ago

--Shouldn't we all be focusing on the Lord for comfort instead of getting lost with a foreign substance that alters who God intended us to be?  Ask yourself, would Jesus do it? Aren't we supposed to follow his example in ALL our ways?  

James Gbson More than 1 year ago

--Thanks for this piece detailing some of the problems that can come from legalized recreational marijuana. I am concerned, too. I pray recreational marijuana use does not become legal in Kentucky where I live.

I hope Focus on the Family's headquarters being located in Colorado helps you reach and minister to others about the potential harmful effects of legalized marijuana.  

I recently wrote an article citing secular reasons for opposing the legalization of marijuana, which I link to below. Please feel free to delete the link if you feel it is inappropriate. Enjoy God's blessings, James

Janet Travis More than 1 year ago

--I have seen both sides of the Weed issue. My two sisters both bi-polar used it to self medicate. My oldest sister mixed weed with the Dr. prescribed bi-polar meds.  She is now with the Lord. She died at age 54 - My younger sister (16 years younger than myself)  uses weed and self medicates for her bi-polar symptoms, at first it seemed to be working, she could level out and relax with the weed. Now about 5 or 6 years later she is a mess, I think she has added meth or coke to make her highs, higher, she lives either in a crazy manic world where she thinks she is the smartest person on earth, with unbelievable delusions and paranoia, or she is in bed crying for days on end. Her six children ages 18 down to 2 are suffering with a mother that is crazier than anyone I have ever met.  She lives on welfare, steals to feed her addictions and has alienated the whole family.  

As a medication THC (the chemical in weed) can be used for excellent pain relief, I think it should be used in pill form, muscle rub and totally controlled just like any other pain reliever. I have used the muscle rub, IT WORKS!  there is ZERO "high" effect just pain relief. The THC can be used to make many kinds of legit medicine for pain.  People that are terminal should be able to access it without the hassle.  Weed for recreation? In my opinion, just like booze and prescribed meds is just sin. The Bible is clear on how we should treat our bodies and getting High or drunk or drugged out our minds is clearly sin.  just my 2 cents worth on the subject.

j West More than 1 year ago

--I am amazed by the number of comments here that make no consideration for the numerous benefits and medical uses for cannabis. It's as if a cannabis plant growing within a 10 mile radius of your home is going to turn your children into drug addicts!

It's a shame that recreational use by some prevents the rest of us from being able to enjoy the amazing benefits that the plant, created by God, has to offer. And they say marijuana users are paranoid! If you're not using the plant in an abusive way, there should be no problem. I bet you wouldn't have a problem if your neighbor was growing poppies in their back yard.

And why is it ok for you to take the Hydrocodone your dentist prescribed for your toothache but a cancer patient can't even be prescribed cannabis??? How about the near toxic effects of sugar? Or how many of you drink diet soda? It's poison! Nothing is beneficial or good about soda, but I don't see you rushing to condemn Coca Cola.

I think it's time to find a mirror and start working on removing that plank. I think it's funny how so many comments comdemn all use of the cannabis plant and want to interpret God's word to fit their own judgement. You are entitled to your own convictions and I believe God leads us to our own convictions but just because you believe that any use of the cannabis plant is immoral and wrong doesn't mean it is. It may be your personal conviction but it's not the conviction of all Christians. If you interpret the Bible to mean that drinking any alcohol is a sin, what do you have to say about Jesus drinking wine? You can't say that the act of drinking alcohol is a sin because that would make Jesus a sinner. My point is, quit painting all of these things with the broad brush of immorality just because some people choose to abuse it and because it may be something you know little about.

Vickie McLerran More than 1 year ago
Your comments are pretty extreme.  Just because something has benefits in the short term, doesn't mean that it should become a way of life.  Many people who commented here have seen the negative impact in their own lives or those they love.  It should be used carefully, and we don't need to be so quick to judge and oversimplify peoples concerns.
Sean Maloney More than 1 year ago

--Let me start by saying that I am a born again believer in the good Lord Jesus Christ.  He is our rock!

Like a lot of youth, I did experiment with cannabis back in high school and it was for the sole purpose of getting high.  I graduated HS and put that stuff behind me.  

Fast forward to today...

I was diagnosed in 2012 with an auto-immune disorder called Adult Stills Disease.  Naturally I started doing much research on the disease and what the long term outlook is for such a thing.  I ended up joining a Facebook group dedicated to those with the same disease.  Let me just say that I have read many a horror stories from people where the "legal" drugs were/are wrecking their bodies.  That stuff freaked me out so I decided to go down the path of researching cannabis as I heard it can be good for auto-immune disorders and is a great anti-inflammatory.

I am excited to see that a few others that have commented have done similar research (thank you!!).  Listen, the government has one thing in mind and its not OUR best interest.  What ever they can do to line their pockets with our money they will do.  Locking people up for minor possession is bringing in billions.  Do you all realize how long the government has been trying to eradicate a plant that God created?  I'm sorry to say, but the war on drugs (primarily cannabis) has done more harm to society than the drug itself, and we are no closer to "fixing" the problem than we were 40+ years ago.

I don't care what the item is, someone will abuse it.  We abuse: TV, Internet, gambling, eating, alcohol, coffee...  Too much of any one thing is not good.  For those of us commenting about how bad cannabis is, are we struggling with weight issues?  That's an abuse of our bodies which God has a problem with, and yet we are good with that because it tastes good.  Listen, I'm not knocking people that are over weight.  My point is, do we want to live in a society where we put all the decision making in the hands of the government?  Once we go down that path, there's no turning it around.  

Case in point is cannabis itself:  Schedule 1 drug definition: "Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence"

How is it that we have found so many medical benefits with cannabis and yet its still a schedule 1 drug?  Why hasn't the government turned this around?  Because we opened that can and it seems there's no turning back.

In a raw smoothie form, this plant is doing a lot for me in terms of reducing inflammation.  I don't want to live in a society where people are looking down on me because I chose to use a naturally occurring plant, that God created, to help me out with my disease.

All I ask is that everyone do some real research before drawing the conclusion of: cannabis = "bad", or cannabis = "stoner".  Just the same: alcohol = "bad", or alcohol = "drunk".  Examples can go on and on.  For those that wish to educate themselves I leave a few links:

Video of the above story:

Benefits of juicing raw cannabis:

Vickie McLerran More than 1 year ago
I'm quite willing to do the research and keep an open mind, but are you willing to acknowledge that cannabis has been bad for some people, abused, a gateway drug in some cases, and should be used with caution and awareness of its down side?  My son is convinced that it cures his ADD and I would love nothing better than to find a cure for him.  But seeing him high leaves me very concerned about his driving ability.

Dan Evans More than 1 year ago

--JackisWrong stated that "--Actually Jack is 100% ENTIRELY incorrect. The Federal Government DOES have the power to ban a substance. The FDA has classified marijuana as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. On October 27, 1980 Congress passed the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act. Title II of this act is known as the Controlled Substance act. "

I would like that just because they passed this act and ""do have the power does not mean that it is constitutional and that it should stand.  This act should be repealed on the basis that it was unconstitutional to begin with.  We have passed many laws that should have never been passed in the first place.  Some of them have been repealed and many still need to be.  Laws can not make man moral any more than following the laws given in the old testament will make you a Christian.  They would make you a good person but only Gods grace can save you.  

I would like to compliment Mari's post on Jan 16, 2014 10:09 AM.  Very well said.  Please take time to read it.

Please people use the head that God gave you and form your opinions only after studying and researching all aspects of this issue.  If you work in an occupation that tends to only see the negative side of the issue then your opinion is biased toward that side and the same can be said the other way as well.  The best decisions are reached when contrasting opinions are both given a fair chance of being correct even if they don't agree with what you have been led to believe by others around you or the government itself.  Do not be sheep led astray by anyone.

I was told at one time that God did not use miracles to heal people anymore and that declairing healing over someone in Jesus name was only for the disciples and not for us, but I believe the written word of God over mans interpretation of it and choose to believe that God still does miracles today.  I have seen many instant miracles take place in the lives of my children and others around me that can only be explained by the fact that God still does miracles today.  I have a child that was born weighing significantly less than 2 pounds in perfect health physically and mentally that is now over 2 years old.  

Educate yourself and educate your children so they will not be lead astray because they are ignorant concerning the things that they will face and have to make decisions for themselves about some day.  May God bless you and yours.