Did a Teacher Make a Difference in Your Life?

Teacher's apple on stack of books

The title of “teacher” is a great one. It conveys passing along wisdom, knowledge and nurturing.

Most of us, looking back, can identify at least one teacher who poured into us. It might have been the elementary school teacher who comforted us, or the high school teacher who encouraged us to believe that God made us capable of achieving our dreams. Whatever it was, their care made a big difference in our lives.

He saw my potential

I remember my “teacher.” He was my high school football coach, Paul Moro. He showed a compassion for me and an interest in me that I’d never seen from my father or stepfather.

As a teenager growing up without a dad, Coach Moro saw the insecurity that was brought into my life – but he also saw the potential I had inside. In his own unique way, Coach Moro challenged me to get over it, to push past whatever got in my way, and to work. He wasn’t scared to get in my face and give me the push I needed to strive to be better, whether that was as a quarterback or a leader or a successful human being.

Ultimately, Coach Moro did more than just help me reach success. When I was a freshman, he took several of my teammates and me to a Fellowship of Christian Athletes camp – a move that ultimately resulted in my giving my life to Christ.

Honoring those who’ve made a difference

I’m working with our broadcast team to prepare a special back-to-school program this fall highlighting stories about “How my teacher made a difference.”

If you’d like for your story to be considered, you can record it by calling 855-64-THRIVE (855-648-4748).

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DarrenTerpstra More than 1 year ago
For me, I think it was Mr. Mulder. He was our science teacher. He was one of the strictest teachers, really teaching responsibility, but more than that his life oozed God's grace. Thanks to you Mr. Mulder!