Update on the Supreme Court Rulings

Picture of the Supreme Court building

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on June 30th, which upheld the protection of religious liberties. At issue was one facet of the Affordable Care Act which would have forced many business owners to violate their religious principles by requiring them to fund possible abortion-causing drugs in their company health plans.

As the dust settles from this case, moms and dads all over the country who are busy at work and at home are wondering, “What difference does all this make to me? How does it affect my family?”

To answer that question, let me share with you a discussion I once had with a law school professor and well-known same-sex-rights activist. I asked her how she felt the issue of religious liberty ought to be resolved when it appeared to conflict with the aims of those sharing her worldview.

Her response was immediate and direct: “Oh, that’s simple. My rights trump your rights!”

That is why this ruling should matter to all people of faith because our basic religious freedoms are under challenge like never before, each time with one predominant question: Whose rights will prevail?

I encourage you to join us for today’s broadcast, “Update on Supreme Court Rulings.” I think you’ll find the conversation with our guests both enlightening and instructive. Tune in and listen on your local radio station, online or via our free, downloadable mobile phone app.



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Emma Roey More than 1 year ago
Thanks for the update Jim...hoping they continue to uphold our rights!!!