Was Eli Manning Jealous of Peyton’s Super Bowl Win?

Manning_featured picture

It was the face that launched a thousand… memes?

When cameras caught Giants quarterback and two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning watching older brother Peyton lead the Broncos to a final touchdown sealing their win in Super Bowl 50, Eli had a seemingly dejected look on his face. The Internet dubbed his expression “Super Bowl face,” and fans shared memes poking fun at Eli’s forlorn countenance while the rest of the family celebrated. Here’s one of the memes:

Eli Manning..

Are Abortion Activists Going to Boycott Doritos?

Are Abortion Activists Going to Boycott Doritos?

Last night’s big Super Bowl win by our Denver Broncos continues to dominate conversation in the hallways here at Focus on the Family. After all, it was a plot almost too implausible for Hollywood. With his career on life support just three months ago, future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning rises off the bench on a cold January Sunday afternoon and rallies his team to a win in the final regular season game. Two playoff victories follow.

Why the Houston Grand Jury Indicted the Wrong Man

Why the Houston Grand Jury Indicted the Wrong Man

By now you’ve likely heard that David Daleiden, the pro-life investigator and founder of the Center for Medical Progress who last summer published a series of undercover videos exposing the morbid business of Planned Parenthood, has been indicted by a grand jury in Houston.

Let that sink in for a moment. Planned Parenthood was exonerated, and the person who brought to light their scandalous and potentially illegal activity has now been charged with a crime.

More on that in a moment.

What You Need to Know About Human Trafficking



To view the first ever major pro-life conference for evangelicals in conjunction with the March for Life that’s taking place this Thursday and Friday, please click here.

These numbers are gut-wrenching to me:

The average age of children enslaved in the commercial sex industry in the United States is 13.
The human trafficking black market generates between 5 to 9 billion dollars every year in the United States.
There are an estimated 100,000 women and children each year who are entrapped in the commercial sex industry.

Have You Ever Heard of “The SLED Test”?

Still of ultrasound image and text from FOTFs "S.L.E.D. Test" video series

The SLED Test is a conversation piece, originally developed by Stephen Schwartz in his book, Moral Question of Abortion, that uncovers a few ways to logically discuss the value of human life.

The acronym SLED stands for size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency. From this thought process, we can share the reality that personhood is not defined by any of these four things.

Now, anyone who has talked with an abortion advocate knows that the dynamics of real conversation many times make it impossible to give a four-step argument like the SLED Test.

It’s Now Illegal to Say “God Bless America”?


Have you noticed that many of our cultural elites who demand tolerance in the public square are actually extremely intolerant of anything they don’t agree with?

That came to mind again the other day when I learned that the federal government had issued yet another directive to thousands of public school districts and universities nationwide. This latest one—issued on New Year’s Eve—is one of a steady stream of top-down orders from the federal government that have been sent to schools in the form of “Dear Colleague” letters from the Department of Education and its Office for Civil Rights.

My Thoughts on the Presidential Election

American Constitution and US Flag

Many people have asked me who I endorse in the contest for President of the United States. I can understand the curiosity behind the question, but it’s way too early in the process to be able to tell who will be the best pro-family candidate out of all of the ones who are running.

In fact, the substance and spirit of Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas made clear to me that for those of us who support a pro-family agenda in 2016, the strength of the field dictates that it’s premature to coalesce behind a single candidate (as some Evangelical leaders have recently done).

One Man’s Dramatic Conversion From Islam

An open Bible

Have you reached the point where you’re afraid to turn on the nightly news or pull up your favorite news app on your phone?

Who could blame you? With every new headline, you risk being confronted with yet another report about an ISIS-led/inspired terrorist attack. Some days you may even hang your head low and wonder if the Lord’s light really is able to pierce through the darkness and change the hearts of people so committed to hatred and evil.

Would You Be Willing to Send This Young Girl a Card?

Safyre Terry

By now you’ve likely heard of the horrific and heartbreaking story involving Safyre Terry, an 8-year-old girl who lost her father and three siblings in a house fire back in 2013.

The fire, deemed arson, is still under investigation. The New York girl suffered burns on over 75% of her body and eventually lost her right hand and left foot. She now lives with her aunt.

Recently, Safyre expressed one wish this Christmas season:

She’d love to receive Christmas cards.

Why a Rock Star’s Death Reminds Us of Children Who Suffer in Silence

Scott Weiland and family

Although the music of the Stone Temple Pilots isn’t on my iPod, the death last week of its lead singer, Scott Weiland, caught my attention. The 48 year-old was found dead on his tour bus in Minnesota of a suspected drug overdose.

Sadly, the ascent and ultimate demise of Scott Weiland strikes an all too familiar ring. From Elvis Presley to Whitney Houston, drug abuse and celebrity excesses often lead to dark places. Of course, the rest of us aren’t immune to the scourge of modern-day vices either.