How a Young Woman Talked About Jesus in a Public School

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I want to share some encouraging reports from this year’s Day of Dialogue free speech event.

When I originally blogged about the April 16th event giving Christian students a chance to share a hope-filled perspective on issues like marriage, sexuality and gender-identity issues, I told you we were expecting 18,000 young men and women would participate.

In reality, an estimated 25,000 students took the initiative to lead Day of Dialogue events in schools across the nation.

What I Saw at Yesterday’s Supreme Court Hearing

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I had the privilege of being at the United States Supreme Court yesterday during the two-and-half hours of oral arguments on the Obergefell v. Hodges marriage case.

Yesterday I gave my “first impressions,” and today I want to share in more detail with you what I saw and heard during this historic day.

As you can imagine, the scene outside the Court was filled with energy and emotion, with lots of individuals representing both sides of the debate.

Focus on the Family President Reacts to Oral Arguments in SCOTUS Marriage Case

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Focus on the Family President Jim Daly was at the Supreme Court today listening to oral arguments on the historic marriage case, Obergefell v. Hodges.
“Sadly, civil discourse in America has deteriorated over the past few years. Where once our nation produced a robust exchange of ideas, we now see attempts to silence people of faith and those who support traditional marriage. Yet that silencing can’t erase the fact that an overwhelming majority of those who have voted on the issue—more than 51 million Americans—have cast their vote to maintain one man, one woman marriage in their states.

Oregon Bakers Fined $135,000 for Supporting Marriage

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Late last week it was announced that Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of a bakery in Gresham, Oregon called “Sweet Cakes by Melissa,” had been fined $135,000.


Because they exercised their right of conscience and declined baking and decorating a wedding cake for a same-sex ceremony.

This Christian couple with five children have been guests on our broadcast as they told their story of how their faith came under fire when they were confronted by a choice they thought would never come: obey God or obey an unjust law.

Transgenderism in the News and Other Stories You Need to Know

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A news summary on issues that matter.

Christians continue to be martyred around the world
The horrific scene is all too familiar: Christian men walking blindfolded across a beach, held by Islamic State militants. A new video shows two groups of Ethiopian Christians being shot and beheaded at the hands of ISIS. This comes just days after Christians were thrown overboard on a ship, drowned at sea, “for praying to Jesus.”

Please continue to pray for the persecuted Church around the world.

Indiana’s Sore Winners?

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We’ve all heard about sore losers.

But sore winners?

Kirsten Powers, who writes for USA Today and regularly appears as a guest commentator on FOX News, penned a provocative column yesterday lamenting the fallout from Indiana’s contentious religious freedom debate.

Kirsten and I don’t see eye to eye on everything, including the definition of marriage, but I’m grateful for the candor and honesty with which she writes. In fact, she’s often a breath of fresh air.

What 18,000 Christian Students Are Planning to Do on April 16 Should Encourage You

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Today’s culture will often take issue with traditional Christian perspectives.

That’s what makes what will happen on April 16 all the more encouraging.

On that day, an estimated 18,000 students will share a Christian perspective on sexuality at their high schools and colleges thanks to Day of Dialogue, a student-led free speech event.

Think about the courage it takes for teenagers to commit to sharing a hope-filled, Bible-based perspective on sensitive social issues like marriage, sexuality and gender-identity issues.

Easter Puts Indiana Into Perspective

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As our thoughts turn to the core realities of our faith this weekend, we have great cause to rejoice that we live in a country whose foundational principles let us stand firm in our beliefs.

But we also have reason to grieve, because laws that buttress that foundation have come under criticism. As Christians, we have a duty to tell the truth—and call on others to tell the truth—about religious liberty policy that has served our nation well for decades, policy that is one of our greatest resources to live together peaceably despite our deepest differences.

Inclusive Indiana Law Protects Religious Liberties of All Americans

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It’s been hard to ignore the firestorm that’s erupted since Indiana unveiled its Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Since Governor Mike Pence signed it into law last week, the national news and social media have been consumed with debating this law.

Critics of the law raised concerns the legislation will give license and rise to discrimination – in other words, not serving homosexuals simply because of their orientation. For example, some are suggesting the act will allow restaurant owners to refuse service to homosexuals because they are gay.

What You Might Not Know About Pastor Saeed Abedeni

Pastor Saaed Abedini and his children

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news, you’ve probably heard about Saeed Abedeni. He’s an Iranian-American pastor, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity.

In 2012, Saeed went to Iran, a trip he’d made nearly a dozen times before. He was there to visit family and work on a government-approved orphanage for Muslim children. Instead, he was arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and charged with “threatening Iran’s national security.”

In government-speak, that means they considered his Christian faith dangerous.