Eric Metaxas Explains How God Uses Ordinary People to Change History

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Our society needs heroes.

In fact, I think it’s how God has wired us.

The human spirit is nourished by witnessing men and women who answer the call of God upon their lives and overcome amazing obstacles with unwavering faith.

I think this is partly why Jesus took on human nature and lived among us. God didn’t abandon us to figure life out on our own or leave us the Bible as a sterile rule sheet to follow.

Chip Gaines Models These Four Biblical Behaviors in His Recent Tweets


If you’re a fan of home improvement shows, it’s hard not to love Chip and Joanna Gaines, the stars of the hit HGTV reality program “Fixer Upper.”

The couple has taken the television world by storm since the show first aired in 2013. And while they’re talented home renovators and savvy businesspeople, those aren’t the main reasons for their popularity.

Fans will happily tell you there’s something different about the Gaineses. They’re kind, funny, and devoted to their four young children.

Who is the Author of Your Faith?

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When was the last time you drove by a beautiful building and marveled, not at the architecture, but at the foundation?

I remember years ago when Focus on the Family added a new building to our campus right outside my office window.

I got to watch the construction process unfold from the first shovelful of dirt until the final brick was mortared into place nearly a year later. It was fascinating to see crane operators swing steel beams through the air and skilled craftsmen, day by day, transform the structure’s “bare bones” into a beautiful addition to our ministry complex.

Finding New Life after the Death of a Spouse

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No matter how strong your faith, the death of a spouse can rattle it. That’s how deeply a heart can be broken. The richer the love, the worse the suffering.

Tricia and Robb’s love was like that, thanks to God’s grace and a lot of hard work. Early on in their marriage, Tricia felt ungrateful for Robb. Over time, her ingratitude grew into openly criticizing him.  His quirks and idiosyncrasies, once so charming, became irritating.

But Tricia and Robb got to work and built a strong and fulfilling marriage.

How to Avoid Christmas Debt


Jean, the boys and I are having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday together. I hope your family is too.

 Although depending on when Black Friday sales began in your neighborhood, Thanksgiving was probably over well before your clocks struck midnight earlier this morning.

The race to Christmas has begun.

 With every retailer fighting over your hard-earned dollar for the next four weeks, do you worry it’ll take until next Christmas to get this Christmas paid off?

 Americans spent nearly $580 billion last year for Christmas.

The Story of Squanto You May Have Never Heard


“The story of Squanto is one of the freakiest miracles in history.”

 With an introduction like that, I know you’ll want to tune in to our radio program today while you’re preparing Thanksgiving dinner and keeping an eye on the football game.

 Our guest, author and radio host Eric Metaxas, will share the true story of Squanto most of you have never heard.

 The very founding of our country might never have happened had Squanto not walked out of the woods and had his heart prepared by God like Joseph.

Who Can You Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner?


A great Thanksgiving-related story out of Phoenix this week, where an accidental text message from a grandma to a young man who wasn’t her grandson resulted in an unlikely inter-generational friendship.

The viral tale reminded me of another story some might call happenstance… but I know was God’s providence. I first shared this entry in 2013… and I think it’s worth reposting today. Hope you enjoy… -J.D.


She first saw the elderly gentleman at a cemetery on Thanksgiving morning.

How You Can Help Adoptive and Foster Care Families


We all know what heroism looks like. It’s a soldier risking his life to save his buddy’s. It’s the police officer and fireman running toward the danger, not away from it. And I’d add to that: It’s loving families who are willing to open their homes and their hearts to children who need both.

A few weeks ago, Jean and I, and about 60 others, were in Israel with Ray Vander Laan, the host and teacher of Focus on the Family’s That the World May Know series.

Download Focus’ Free Resource for Families “7 Days of Gratitude”


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a week from this Thursday?

Since it’s always a good idea to reflect on the virtue of gratitude – or to talk with your children about the meaning behind the holiday – Focus on the Family’s parenting team has put together a free resource that will help your family prepare for our national day of thanks.

The “7 Days of Gratitude” week-long devotional is designed to help children (and their parents!) develop “an attitude of gratitude.” Because the reality is, creating a thankful heart takes practice.

Election Night Thoughts


As a Christian who believes in the ultimate sovereignty of God, I have to believe He allows our circumstances to fulfill his plans. As the prophet Daniel said, “He changes times and seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”

I pray that God grants us the grace and wisdom to seek his heart for all people made in his image, the preborn, the elderly, progressive and conservative, each one of us.