Character Traits for Strong Parenting

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What does hiking a mountain have in common with parenting? As it turns out, a lot.

Adventurers who explore the Colorado Rocky Mountains can be in the wild for extended periods of time. That can be risky if the weather unexpectedly deteriorates. Without warning, hikers can face conditions that change from one extreme to the other, and their well-thought out plans can become uncertain at best, requiring constant course corrections.

Raising children can be an equally daunting challenge.

Ray Vander Laan on How We Fulfill Jesus’ Mission

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I love the way Ray Vander Laan illustrates the expanding influence of God’s kingdom when we Christians live in faithful obedience to Christ. He says every time we obey our King – in big or little things, whether in our families or throughout our communities – we extend His kingdom by a square inch.

That’s the example Jesus lived out before us, and one which He asks us to follow. He extended God’s kingdom by doing the will of His Father, by loving His neighbor, by loving His enemy, by touching the unclean, and by caring for sinners.

VIDEO: See a Love Story 50 Years in the Making

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True love can stand the tests of time and illness.

Meet Bill and Glad Forward, a couple you won’t soon forget. Glad has advanced Alzheimer’s, and the love Bill shows to his precious bride of 50 years is beautiful. “I count it a great privilege to care for this woman I’ve loved all these years,” Bill explains in this touching video.  “She has done so much for me over these years. Now she can’t, but I can.”

It’s a love so sincere and so humble it’s almost impossible to watch without tearing up:

Today’s broadcast highlights another such love story where a husband cares for his wife with Alzheimer’s.

Three Things Parents of Adult Children in the Home Should Consider

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We’ve been hearing more about “boomerang kids” lately, young adults who, due to a bad economy, dearth of jobs, or for a variety of others reasons, move back home with mom and dad after a season of independence.

Boomerang kids are part of a rapidly growing trend. According to an NBC News article, “A Pew Research Center analysis released earlier this month found that 40 percent of 18- to 31-year-olds with a high school degree or less, and 43 percent of those with some college education, were living at their parents’ home in 2012.” Another study shows that 85 percent of college grads move back in after school is over.

Dr. Tim Keller on God’s Design for Marriage

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The landscape of marriage in our country has experienced seismic shifts in recent decades.

In the 1970s, 89 percent of babies were born to a married couple. Today, that number is around 60 percent. And in 1960, about 72 percent of adults were married. That has now dropped to about 50 percent.

Culture has changed, and views about marriage reflect those changes. It should come as no surprise, then, that marriage is largely seen through a consumer-driven mindset.

We’re Going on a Family Missions Trip. Here’s What I Hope Will Happen

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This Friday my family and I will travel to Zambia to participate in Camp Life, a week-long camp for orphaned and vulnerable children in the southern African country.

The need is overwhelming. So many adults have died from HIV/AIDS that half of the country’s 15 million people are under the age of 16. Of the 6.5 million children in Zambia, more than 1 million of them are orphans.

Zambia has the highest per capita orphan rate in the world.

Healing the Wounds from Your Father

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What’s your name?

I don’t mean your given name. I’m asking about your real name, the name that defines that sense about yourself you most deeply believe – your identity.

Some of you go by the name “wealthy businessman,” “bread winner of the home,” or “perfectionist.” Your identity is about performance and earning your worth. Others of you have names like “failure,” “disappointment,” or “unworthy.” Your life has been shaped by the message that you don’t live up to people’s expectations.

Celebrate Dad’s Unique Contributions This Father’s Day

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What happens when a researcher tries to measure the parent-child bond using the same standard yardstick for both moms and dads?

Dads lose.

That’s what Dr. Kathryn Kerns discovered when she talked to teens and preteens about their parents.

But something wasn’t adding up: the kids were describing “rich, warm relationships” with their dads. So why weren’t the fathers scoring better?

Because the researchers were using the wrong yardstick.

Turns out you can’t evaluate dads the same as moms, because fathers parent their children very differently than mothers do.

How to Reignite Your Fatherly Fidelity

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Men have a special role in the family.

They show their daughters what to look for in a future husband and how a man should treat his wife. They show their boys how to be a committed husband, a loving father, and a man of integrity.

At least that’s what we’re striving to do.

We don’t always hit the mark, but I can tell you, there are a lot of good men out there. They’re dedicated fathers and husbands who are committed to their families and work hard to instill strong values in their children.

What Does True Happiness Look Like?

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What does true happiness look like?

Is the concept of happiness even biblical?

I’ll never forget the trip I took to Jakarta, Indonesia, many years ago for a speaking engagement. If you’ve never been there, it has some of the worst smog of any city in the world. My eyes burned, and breathing was difficult after being there for only a short time. The traffic is notorious. Imagine Los Angeles and New York combined and multiply all of that by a factor of 10.