Is NBC Embracing The Bible?

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Did you watch the epic miniseries The Bible that aired on The History Channel in 2013?

If so, you were in good company. It was a surprise smash hit.

Why do I say a “surprise”?

Because network executives didn’t believe anyone would want to watch a miniseries about the Bible on TV. The History Channel hoped the program would get as many as three million viewers. But when all was said and done, over 100 million people had watched the series.

Encouraging Men to Be Good Dads

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This is a fact.

Boys learn to become men in the company of other men as they walk and grow through the challenges of life together.

But in disturbing numbers across our culture, that isn’t happening.

In fact, our video curriculum, The Family Project, reveals the tale of the tape.

Sadly, statistics show that 85 percent of men in prison didn’t have a dad while growing up. Seventy percent of teen suicides occur in homes where there isn’t a dad.

How to Overcome a Difficult Childhood


Life can be tough, and it inflicts wounds in us all.

The question is, what do we do with the pain?

In many cases, the only solution we know is to push the pain beneath the surface of our hearts and minds and work to keep it there. We think that if we can just block out our negative memories, the bad feelings will go away. And they do … for a while.  But, eventually, our strength gives out, and all that pain comes right back up to the surface.

Focus on the Family President Mourns the Loss of Kara Tippetts

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Jim Daly released the following statement in response to the passing of Kara Tippetts.


Today, the world said goodbye to a godly and courageous woman.

Kara Tippetts, wife to Jason and mother to four young children, went home to the Lord at the age of 38. In her battle with cancer, she showed all of us what dying well looks like. The peace she found in God was hard fought, borne out of a deep and profound trust that He is present in pain and that He is good and faithful.

How to Find Your Lifelong Love

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Some adult men and women feel called to singleness. They live alone, but not in isolation. They enjoy deeply connected friendships, and they value the opportunities for service and adventure that being single affords them.

But a lot of adults hope their singleness is only a temporary season of life. They yearn and even pray for marriage. But, for many, the journey to find a mate has not panned out quite the way they expected.

Where do you go to meet quality people?

You Can Learn This From the Bible’s Couples


When you walked down the aisle, what was your vision for you and your spouse? Did you want a “nice” marriage? A “friendly” marriage? A “we get along” marriage?

Probably not.

Most couples are searching for intimacy, connection, romance, and excitement. But years into their marriage, many husbands and wives are bored. Life has settled into a routine – a rut, really – and they’re not connecting like they once did.

If you’ve reached that place in your marriage, you might be thinking, “This isn’t what I had in mind.”

Well, that’s not what the Bible says God has in mind for you, either.

What You Might Not Know About Pastor Saeed Abedeni

Pastor Saaed Abedini and his children

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news, you’ve probably heard about Saeed Abedeni. He’s an Iranian-American pastor, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity.

In 2012, Saeed went to Iran, a trip he’d made nearly a dozen times before. He was there to visit family and work on a government-approved orphanage for Muslim children. Instead, he was arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and charged with “threatening Iran’s national security.”

In government-speak, that means they considered his Christian faith dangerous.

In Dying, Kara Tippetts Shows Us God is Present in Pain

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What does dying with dignity look like?

At 38, Kara Tippetts is answering that question as she faces her final days on earth.

In recent posts on her popular blog, “Mundane Faithfulness,” Kara shares how she now uses a wheelchair (which she named Norman), sleeps on a hospital bed at home, and is in hospice care.

These are harsh realities for a wife and mother of four young children to face. Yet she does it with God’s grace – a grace that has allowed her to give to others through her blog and book, even while she battles cancer.

The Promise that Brings Hope

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Joni Eareckson Tada is an overcomer. At 17, she dove into shallow water and surfaced a parapalegic. For nearly 50 years now, Christ has worked through her story and life to encourage others with disabilities similar to hers.

The late Louis Zamperini was an overcomer. As detailed in “Unbroken,” the book and Hollywood movie about his life, he was shot down in World War II and barely survived 40 days adrift at sea. He was “rescued” by the Japanese only to become a prisoner of war, then beaten and tortured mercilessly.

Is It Ever Too Late to Save a Marriage?

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Naturally, with a name like “Focus on the Family,” our organization places a strong emphasis on building thriving marriages. An “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as they say. The best course of action is always to take steps to head off problems before they start.

But for many couples, helpful suggestions and well-meaning nudges to “be proactive” are already too late. The relationship has dried up. One or both spouses feel like the love is gone.