Did You Know This About the Christian Singer Plumb?

Christian Music Artist, Plumb

Note: Please don’t forget today is Bring Your Bible to School Day. If you have a son or daughter in public school, please consider encouraging them to participate. Their witness could very well make the difference in the life of another student or even a teacher. As of this hour, at least 140,000 students are participating. To learn more, please visit our website.


Have you ever had a shirt with a loose thread?

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

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Do you remember the dreams you had for your life when you were finishing up high school and about to step foot into adulthood?

Dan Miller had a list of them. He wanted to be a physical education teacher, a pilot, and he dreamed of playing guitar in a band.

But all of that was nearly stolen away from him in the summer of 1955 when his life changed overnight.

After Dan graduated from high school, he had one foot firmly planted in his future.

Dr. John Trent’s Secret to Raising Great Kids

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If you’ve just recently discovered our ministry, welcome to Focus on the Family.

As our longtime friends will agree, if you explore our websites, read our magazines, or listen to our radio programs, you’ll find a wealth of practical, everyday advice for parents – things like strategies for effective discipline and tips for helping kids thrive with their siblings or at school.

But there may be no more important wisdom we share with parents than the kind of topic we’ll be talking about on our broadcast today.

Why Kevin Palau is Conservative in His Theology and Liberal in His Fellowship

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Yesterday and today’s broadcast features an interview with Kevin Palau, president of the Luis Palau Association, and Sam Adams, the mayor of Portland from 2008 to 2012. As some of you may be aware, Sam was one of the first openly gay mayors in the United States.

Kevin and Sam’s unusual friendship began when the Palau organization went to city hall and said, “How can we help you address critical needs in the community that are going unaddressed right now?”

Sam and his administration were wary.

Did You Know This About Darryl Strawberry?

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The line that separates the heights of success from the depths of despair is often razor thin.

Take our guests on today’s and tomorrow’s programs, for example.

Darryl Strawberry was a power hitting, eight-time All-Star outfielder who earned four World Series rings. In 17 seasons, he played for a number of Major League baseball teams, including the New York Mets and the New York Yankees.

But his career, and his life, were derailed by substance abuse, prison time, and dysfunctional family relationships that cost him two marriages and estranged him from his children.

How to Help Your Kids Express Their Faith

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Tracy was raised in an alcoholic home. Her story might have had the same tragic ending as so many who grow up in her circumstances.

But the Lord used a neighborhood family to intervene in her life.

When Tracy was little, she met a girl next door named Missy, who was her age. They became lifelong friends. Missy’s family was kind and welcomed Tracy into their home. The two girls would play all day and have sleepovers at Missy’s house.

Three Ways Healthy Couples Fight

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Do you and your spouse fight “well”?

That’s not a trick question. There really is such a thing as “healthy conflict” in marriage.

Here at Focus, we find that couples fall into one of three beliefs about marital conflict. One is the group who enters marriage expecting an unrealistic level of agreement and perfection in their relationship. If they’re truly happy and meant for one another, they believe, there shouldn’t be any conflict. That’s not a very realistic view of human relationship.

Follow Jesus by Taking Action, Not Just Talking

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Christians desire to serve God. We read His word and seek His will. Maybe we even pray, “God, break our hearts for the things that break Your heart. Give our hearts joy for the things that give Your heart joy.”

But our guest on today’s program, Pastor Eugene Cho, wonders, “Are we more in love with the idea of following Jesus than actually following the teachings of Jesus?”

That question isn’t some thoughtless accusation he levels against the church.

Teaching Good Manners to Your Kids


Sometimes parents think of a child’s manners in the most basic of terms, like table etiquette or how polite they are when guests come to the house. But the benefits don’t end there. Manners actually equip your children for success in their adult life.

To that end, a few years back, my wife and I enrolled our boys, Trent and Troy, in something called Cotillion. It’s all about teaching manners and preparing kids to interact with others as maturing young men and women.

Adversity Can Make You or Break You

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I used to think successful people achieved great things because they faced less adversity than those who fail. But when I became an adult, I realized everybody encounters challenges of one kind or another. What matters is how we respond to the obstacles we face.

Probably no one communicates the truth of that concept better than best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, our guest on today and tomorrow’s programs we’ve titled, “Battling Giants in Everyday Life.” His latest works tell the stories of people who not only overcame adversity, but in many ways those challenges became the catalyst for their success.