Kirk and Chelsea Cameron on How to Make Your Marriage a High Priority

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The differences that nearly ended their marriage were woven into their DNA.

By his own admission, he grew up a pampered Hollywood child actor. She was from a hard-working middle class family in upstate New York and later became an actress herself.

The external pressures they faced were immense as well. No city can exploit a couple’s differences quite like Hollywood. So when actors Kirk and Chelsea Cameron married in 1991, they committed to building a life together in a place notorious for tearing them down.

Determining Your Child’s Love Style

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Have you ever tried to push a fully inflated beach ball under the water and hold it there?

You can only hold it beneath the surface for so long. Sooner or later, your strength will give out, and the ball will pop back up.

It’s a lot like parenting. How so?

Well, to answer that question, we’ve invited Milan and Kay Yerkovich back to our microphones. They were with us a couple of weeks ago to discuss how we develop a deeper connection with our spouse by understanding their love style and ours. 

No More Perfect Parenting

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Friends: Three policemen were killed yesterday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can read my thoughts about this terrible news on my Facebook page. -JD


Have you ever felt like a trapped monkey?

Neither had I until a friend described to me how other cultures hunt for monkeys.

The hunters hollow out a coconut and fasten it to a tree with a rope. Inside the coconut, they put a small portion of food that can be reached through a small hole.

This is the Only Real Solution to the Terror Attack in Nice, France

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The death toll from yesterday’s terrorist attack in Nice, France, was raised to 84 this morning. According to reports, two Americans were included in the count. The driver of the truck that rammed into the crowd, which had gathered to watch fireworks and celebrate Bastille Day, is Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. He was shot and killed by police.

“France has been struck on the day of her national holiday,” said France’s president, Francois Hollande. “Human rights are denied by fanatics, and France is clearly their target.”

This latest episode of terror comes barely a month from the terrible shootings inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where 49 people were murdered and 53 others were wounded.

How to Teach Timeless Values to Your Children

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One of the most important responsibilities you have as a parent is passing your faith and values on to your children.

It may also be one of the most challenging tasks before you. And there’s a reason why.

At the 2008 Summer Olympics, both the U.S. men’s and women’s 4 x 100 relay teams were expected to compete for the gold medal. Instead, in a shocking turn of events, neither team even made it to the finals.

Does God Tolerate Our Anger?

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If you’re a Christian, you’re aware that God desires to hear your praise and worship.

But what about your anger, or your discouragement, or your frustration that He’s not intervening in your life the way you wanted or expected?

Many Christians have a hard time believing God will tolerate such deep, often unpleasant emotions from His children. They might even say, “Oh, no, no, no. You can’t talk to God like that.”

But the Psalmists felt no such uncertainty.

What’s Your Love Style?

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We’ve all got a love style.

It started forming back in childhood when your mom and dad connected with you emotionally, listened to you share your feelings, and made you understand that you mattered.

Or maybe they didn’t.

For good or for bad, the relational experiences of our early years form the roots for how – or even if – we emotionally attach to others.

Ideally, we’ll have an abundance of positive moments that enable us to become what Milan and Kay Yerkovich call “secure connectors.” Jesus was the personification of that love style.

“Yes” – The Accelerator to Positive Parenting

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I’d say the most popular word in the average parent’s vocabulary would have to be “no.”

To be fair, it’s an important word for moms and dads. Used properly, it creates healthy boundaries for children.

But I think sometimes we over-do our “no’s,” too. We can be a little too protective. Remember Dory, the Pacific blue tang with short-term memory loss from the animated hit “Finding Nemo”? She reminded Marlin, the dad of mis-adventurous Nemo, “You can’t never let anything happen to him.

Why Liberty Can’t Survive without Virtue

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Happy Independence Day!

I hope you and your family are enjoying extra time together and are reflecting on what this holiday is intended to commemorate.

As you’re headed to your different festivities today, I hope you’ll have an opportunity to catch our program with pastor Andy Stanley. We’ll be airing a recorded message he delivered to his congregation at North Point Community Church in Georgia where he serves as senior pastor.

I think it’s a timely message that gets to the heart of why our country is losing its way on so many fronts, and how we can find the right path back.

One Nation Under God

American flags

American patriotism hits a high point at about this time every year. Independence Day celebrations remind us of our nation’s rich history of liberty.

But we’re also confronted with some very dark chapters that can tarnish the national pride we feel.

That paradox brings to mind an important question: “Should we love our country?”

Author Eric Metaxas says a lot of people today interpret love for America as nationalistic chest beating. Our pride is really nothing more than tribalism, they say.