Why Budgets Don’t Work and Why You Should Make One Today

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Conflict over finances can be hard on a marriage. In fact, research shows that couples who argue about money are nearly twice as likely to divorce as those who don’t.

The answer to that dilemma should be easy then, right? Just manage your finances better.

But a lot of couples are surprised to learn that poor money habits are only one part of their trouble. The other part is usually the marriage itself.

Money puts stress on fractures that already exist in a marriage.

Money-Making Ideas for Moms

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You’ve probably heard it many times before: financial management in the home is primarily about effective budgeting and wisely using the resources you already have.

But we hear from a lot of families who tell us they don’t have a budgeting problem, they have an income problem. They aren’t living extravagantly or beyond their means, but they’re still barely getting by and have nothing extra left over to bless others.

Recent survey data shows that almost 60 percent of families with children under the age of 18 in the home have parents who both work outside the home.

Start the New Year By Conquering Your Debt


When was the last time you imagined yourself wearing a coat of chainmail, wielding a sword and shield, and setting out on your noble steed through a dense forest to slay a dragon?

If it’s been awhile, you may want to consider tapping into your imagination and reaching for your trusty blade. According to statistics, a large percentage of American families are at the mercy of a foe as dangerous to their homes as any fire-breathing dragon in folklore.

Change Your Attitude and Debt-Proof Your Life

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You’ve probably heard it said before, but it’s as true now as it ever was: money problems are one of the most consistent reasons for the breakdown of marriages.

That fact is why we return to the topic of money again and again here at Focus on the Family, to help and equip couples who are struggling with their finances.

Our guest on our program Wednesday (Sept. 16), Mary Hunt, has been there. She knows what it’s like to crawl out of incredible financial debt.

Seven Stories You Should Know About

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A news summary on issues that matter.

North Carolina Law Protects Freedom of Conscience

Good news: A bill that will permit court officials to decline performing same-sex marriage responsibilities became law yesterday in North Carolina. According to House Speaker Tim Moore, the law “protects sincerely held religious beliefs while also ensuring that magistrates are available in all jurisdictions to perform lawful marriages.”

The Value of Children in an Anti-Natality Age

World magazine features an insightful article about the growing anti-natality perspective in our culture, which often pits the environmental movement against childbearing.

How to PAY Your Way to Financial Contentment

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Note: Our hearts are breaking for those impacted by the devastating floods in Texas, Oklahoma and Mexico. Epic rainfall has crippled the area. Reports indicate that at least 35 people have been killed and scores more are missing. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed or damaged. Please join me in praying for those mourning and navigating these very difficult circumstances. -JD


Well, the first of the month is right around the corner, and for many of us that means the mortgage or rent is due.

Find Out What “Money Personality” Your Child Has

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I’m sure you could tell me which of your children are introverts or extroverts, or which are morning people or night owls. Those traits reflect their personality.

It’s how they perceive the world around them and interact with it.

Well, in the same way, financial experts Scott and Bethany Palmer say children have a money personality. It’s essentially the same idea. Their money personality affects how they see money, interact with it, and deal with others who see money differently.

This Truth is the Key to Your Success

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A lot of people assume it’s their circumstances that determine their attitude. But that’s really not the case. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Let me tell you about Christy and Debra. I think their stories illustrate the point well.

Christy is in her thirties. She’s college educated and ambitious, but with the economy struggling, she started cleaning houses to make ends meet. One of her daily tasks is scrubbing toilets. She hates it. From her view, she deserves better.

Testifying to the Gospel of God’s Grace

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Our family is visiting Mt. Rushmore this 4th of July weekend. In the visitor center Tom Brokaw narrates a film about Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor who carved the four Presidents’ images—Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt and Lincoln—into the granite. Brokaw says of those who worked on the mountain, “… these were ordinary men accomplishing extraordinary things.”

It made me think of our Christian faith. Yes, we are ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things through Christ. In fact, this testimony came to us this week.